• Interior Trends To Look Out For This Autumn

    Unfortunately, as much as we don't want to say it, summer is coming to an end [*wipes away tear*].

    The nights are drawing in, we are no longer greeted with a stunning blue sky when we open the curtains in the morning and you can no longer spend your Saturday's lazing on the common with nothing but a blanket, a book and a punnet of strawberries.

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  • Best Bulbs For Autumn Planting

    It’s that time of year again. September has rolled around and its time to start about what sort of bulbs you are going to plant this autumn.

    For us, bulbs are the most satisfying types of plant. It’s extraordinary how something so small and shrivelled can produce something so stunningly beautiful. There are a range of bulbs to choose from for autumn planting, but the rule of thumb is to choose spring and hardy summer-flowering bulbs throughout the autumnal season.

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  • Our Next Day Delivery Cut Off Point Now Extended To 7PM!

    As of this week, our highly valued customers will be able to order their luxury flowers bouquets up until 7 o'clock that evening for next day flowers delivery*.

    This follows the previous cut off of 4pm, giving you an extra 3 hours to select your sumptuous bouquet for that someone special.

    Therefore, you can take your time getting home from work before cooking the kids their tea and enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, meanwhile, all the time knowing you can still order a luxury bouquet for any occasion which will be delivered the following day.

    Here’s an example of how the 7pm cut off point will benefit you:

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  • Summer 'Falls' into Autumn Fair

    The Autumn season is upon us as the leaves begin to fall from trees, the nights are drawing in and the summer trends are put away until next year. However, there is no time like the present to begin planning for the future. The annual Autumn International Fair starts this weekend at the NEC Arena in Birmingham which will see some of the biggest brands come together to present their upcoming seasonal products.

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  • 10 Autumn Facts from Appleyard London

    With Autumn fast approaching, we have picked out 10 fascinating facts. Take a read and enjoy!

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  • Notting Hill Carnival: 1959 - Present

    Following this weekends Notting Hill Carnival, we wanted to appreciate the Carnival in its earliest form, looking at how it has developed into today’s world renowned event.

    But where did it all begin and why?

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  • Caribbean Flowers: Our Top 10 Picks | Appleyard Blog

    With the British ‘Summer’ coming to an end, many of us are considering that last minute get away to a dream destination. How about the Caribbean? In countries like Barbados, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, natural flowers and Country Parks boast some of the most tropical and exotic flowers. We have picked out 10 Caribbean flowers for you to read about and possibly discover?

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  • Appleyard: Little Something Extra

    Appleyard are delighted to announce the arrival of our scented candle gift range! Customers can now add on an indulging gift onto their luxury bouquet, creating their very own deluxe gift set. Our 3 “Give back to Nature” options include, “Wildflower”, “Sweet Pea” and “Forget Me Not”, each radiating their own sublime smell that can really add depth to your room.

    Each fragranced candle comes with accompanying seeds, allowing you to grow luxury flowers in your very own garden. When opening the patio doors, you can be greeted by the fresh aroma of either a fragrant “Sweet Pea”, a “Natural Wildflower” perfume or a smell you can “Forget Me Not”. Our scented candle packs allow you to grow the scent of the candles in your own garden, giving you fresh smells both in and outside the house.

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  • 10 Interesting Flower Facts

    Flowers have captured human imagination for centuries, even millennia. From the origins of flower arranging in ancient Egypt, to medicinal uses in ancient China and prosperity in Victorian England, flowers have been a huge part of human life. Today we mainly use and cultivate flowers for decorative use, however there is still a lot we don't know about the 250,000 to 400,000 species of flowering plants in the world. Here are 10 of the most interesting flower facts you may not have known...

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  • History & Meaning Of Orchids

    At Appleyard, we think it's pretty safe to say that there is no other flower as widely coveted as the orchid. With their enchanting stems, incredible colour and sumptuous scents, it's easy to see why they are one of our most popular flowers.

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