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Appleyard PrivilegePRIVILEGE

Unlimited free delivery for 12 months, for just £12




Appleyard Privilege is a membership in addition to your Appleyard London account. Following the initial payment of £12.00, you will receive unlimited free delivery for a 12 month period. This entitles you to free premium or standard delivery with all flower bouquets.

The main benefit of Appleyard Privilege is that once you have signed up, you can use the service as many times as you like. This means you will have already saved with Appleyard Privilege after just 2 purchases with us.

Please ensure you read through our Terms & Conditions before signing up to use Appleyard Privilege.


  Total Delivery Cost
Bouquet Purchases Without Appleyard Privilege* With Appleyard Privilege
1 £6.99 £12.00
2 £13.98 £12.00
You Save £1.98
3 £20.97 £12.00
You Save £8.97
5 £34.95 £12.00
You Save £22.95
10 £69.90 £12.00
You Save £57.90
20 £139.80 £12.00
You Save £127.80
*Based on Premium Delivery at £6.99 per bouquet




By subscribing to Appleyard Privilege it will allow you to receive 12 months free delivery with our exclusive delivery options.

These options include: Free Privilege Premium Delivery - a premium next day service, or Free Privilege Standard Delivery - a standard delivery service.

After the initial payment of £12.00, in order to receive the free delivery you can simply order a flower bouquet or plant and select one of the Appleyard Privilege delivery options to receive free delivery.


1. To subscribe to Appleyard Privilege you will need to create an account or sign in to an existing account.

2. Click on any flower or plant product and choose 'Join Appleyard Privilege' near the delivery options.

3. Choose from Free Privilege Premium Delivery (next day) or Free Privilege Standard Delivery options.

4. Receive unlimited free delivery over a 12 month period. This means for a whole year you can use Appleyard Privilege on every flower bouquet & plant you purchase from us.


Join Appleyard Privilege




1. In order to subscribe to Appleyard Privilege, you must register with an Appleyard London account and be logged in to begin the subscription.

2. Once you have subscribed to Appleyard Privilege, you are entitled to use the free delivery options provided of ‘Free Privilege Premium Delivery’ (next day delivery) and ‘Free Privilege Standard Delivery’.

3. Appleyard Privilege is valid for 12 months from the initial date of purchase, at the cost of £12.00.

4. The price of Appleyard Privilege may change any time without notice. Existing subscribers will not be affected by the change prior to renewal.

5. Appleyard Privilege is only valid for flower bouquets & plant products at

6. There is no limit to how many times you can use Appleyard Privilege with online orders at

7. You may cancel your Appleyard Privilege subscription within 7 days of purchase. A full refund will be given provided there have been no eligible purchases made using the subscription. To cancel your Appleyard Privilege subscription please contact our Customer Services team.

8. Appleyard Privilege is limited to 1 per customer only.

9. Appleyard Privilege can only be used for personal use and not for commercial resale or wholesale purposes.

10. In times of high demand or issues out of our control with couriers, we reserve the right to change your delivery service to a different option. This will give a greater chance of your order arriving on time.

11. We reserve the right to make temporary changes to Appleyard Privilege during times of high demand, and resume it back to normal when possible.

12. We reserve the right to terminate your Appleyard Privilege account should we suspect any fraudulent activity or a breach in terms and conditions.

13. Appleyard Privilege is currently not available for Appleyard Corporate customers.

14. Appleyard Privilege does not apply to Flower Subscriptions, Personalised Gifts, Hampers & Alcohol.

15. All general Appleyard London terms and conditions still apply.

Terms and Conditions correct as of 21/03/2018