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This is Appleyard London’s quick and easy creative vase ideas with household items that you can make yourself!


Spring is in full swing and summer is fast approaching. Whether you’re planning a party or a BBQ, take a look at these creative vase ideas to brighten up your home or garden and impress your guests!


Lightbulb Vase

vase1 Creative Vase Ideas


Take a look at this step by step guide to create your very own lightbulb vase. It requires a few tools and removing small parts so please make sure any children are supervised if they are helping you. Fill the lightbulb with small and delicate flowers and see how amazed your friends and family will be when they see this bright idea!


Glass Pop Bottles

vase2 Creative Vase Ideas


To give your home or event a vintage feel, clean out your favourite fizzy drink glass bottles and fill them with a few of your favourite thin stemmed flowers. Glass bottled drinks are hard to find, however all standard supermarkets (such as tesco) do have them for sale. Ensure that they have been washed thoroughly to prevent leaving remnants of the fizzy drink and harming the flowers.


Metal Watering Can

vase8 Creative Vase Ideas


This is a beautiful idea for garden parties and BBQ’s. We guarantee that if you don’t have an old watering can, your parents or neighbours most definitely will! Fill it up with water and plenty of wild flowers for that boho chic !



vase3 Creative Vase Ideas


A jar is the easiest DIY vase made from a household item. Save all your jars and they can make lovely centre pieces for any party or gathering. Think about adding a ribbon, some string or paint the glass for decoration, the possibilities are endless! There are plenty of DIY step by step guides for decorating jars on Pinterest.


Food Colouring Water

vase4 Creative Vase Ideas


If you want to really brighten up a boring glass vase, try adding a couple of drops of food colouring to the water. If you use white flowers, like the photo above, the flowers may turn the colour of the water! It may be a science experiment you remember from school.


Metal Water Jug

vase6 Creative Vase Ideas


Metal water jugs are offer an extremely shabby chic feel to your home, especially using roses and babies breath! They retail between £5-£10 on eBay and can be used time and time again!


Vintage Tin

vase7 Creative Vase Ideas


If you find any old metal tins of your grannies lying around, see if she will let you use it as a vase for that simple vintage fix! Cut the stems of your flowers shorter than usual and diagonally.


Food Tin

 vase9 Creative Vase Ideas


Using an old food tin with the label removed as a vase is also as easy as using a jar, jug, watering can or bottle. You will find them all lying around the house! Clean the tin properly and style it out with a gorgeous selection of wild flowers.


vase10 Creative Vase Ideas


Finally, the most recent Pinterest flower vase craze; lemons! A bag of lemons at the supermarket can cost as little as 50p. Simply slice the lemons carefully (supervise all children) and place them carefully in the vase. How much does this  screams summer? You are guaranteed compliments from your guests!

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All images from: Pinterest

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