• Appleyard London's 20 Fun Christmas Facts


    Christmas is less than 3 weeks away and here at Appleyard London we are very much in the Christmas spirit!  We invite you to join us in our excitement for the festive season with our 20 Fun Christmas Facts! Take a read:

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  • 5 Tips To Keep Your Flowers Fresh


    When it comes to flowers, we all love a delicate, vibrant bunch of luxury blooms! Whether it is roses, lilies or tulips, a top class bouquet is always a treat. Whilst receiving flowers brightens our day and provides us with a smile throughout the week, we all wish we had flowers all year round.

    Now the lifespan of a bouquet is around 5 – 7 days, depending on the company and supplier – whilst at Appleyard London, we guarantee 7 days freshness! Now, as we have said, we all love flowers and we want them in our lives; the longer the better! Therefore, Appleyard London have put together 5 tips to keep your flowers fresh! Give them a try and see if they work for you:

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  • The Meanings Of Roses By Colour

    In the language of flowers, each rose symbolises a different meaning, a different message and a different thought.

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  • What are the best sympathy flowers?

    Today, Appleyard London are looking at the best sympathy flowers to show support and compassion.

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  • Remembrance Day - We Remember Them


    Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday, we remember and mark the end of the First World War  in 1918, paying tribute to those who have fallen in their line of duty.

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  • 12 Facts about Bonfire Night


    Remember remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

    With Bonfire Night only 24 hours away, people arrange their firework displays, collect their firewood and prepare for further Bonfire Night festivities like apple bobbing! This joyous time - where children write their names with sparklers and the gunpowder plot is condemned - holds so much history. Therefore, we have picked out 12 fun facts for Bonfire Night for you to enjoy!

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  • RHS Celebrate 50 years Britain in Bloom


    The Royal Horticulture Society is this year celebrating '50 Years Britain in Bloom' after it was first held in 1964. It all began when Roy Hay MBE, visited France as a horticultural journalist in 1963. Whilst there, he discovered the 'Fleurissement De France' and was enthralled by the blooming flowers, shrubs and trees. Hay’s horticultural interest discovered that the French Tourist Authority were working towards bringing more floral colours to areas of France. Therefore, upon returning to the UK, Roy contacted the British Tourist Authority and director Len Lickorish. Following talks with Len, it became evident that the pair shared similar interests in regards to beautifying Britain and so 'Britain in Bloom' was born. 

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  • 15 Fun & Spooky Facts for Halloween


    ‘Trick or Treat?’ The one question on everyone's lips this October 31st as Halloween arrives! Grab your vampire blood, your Dracula cape and your witches hat and head out to spook those dearest to you! But be careful, Grandma and Granddad aren't as young as they used to be!

    Halloween brings a frightening excitement to town and gives us a great opportunity to dress up and throw ghostly parties! From bat decorations to pumpkin pie, Halloween brings deep blacks and vibrant oranges into your home. A rich history and plenty of traditions, Halloween can be enjoyed by all!

    To mark the occasion, we have picked out 15 fun, interesting and spooky facts about Halloween. Enjoy but don't get scared;

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  • Diwali Flowers - Our Top 4 Picks


    Diwali is a special time on the calendar where Hindus come together to reminisce about the past and to unite in the welcoming of the forthcoming year. The Festival of Lights is the welcoming of the good, the fortune and the light and deterring the bad, the dark and the misfortune. This meaningful time brings friends and family together to feast and to pray in ancient traditions.

    At Appleyard, our florists have hand crafted and carefully designed 6 luxury bouquets, fitting for this special time. With vibrant colours to reflect the Festival of Lights and sweet scented fragrances to reflect the essence of the diyas, our luxury flowers bouquets provide the centrepiece presence your feast requires.

    Our Diwali Flowers are guaranteed to stay fresh for an entire 7 days so if ordered for Thursday the 23rd, you will have fresh, luxury flowers throughout the 5 day holiday! Order before 7 PM for your next day flower delivery

    Here are 4 bouquets we have picked out that can bring vibrant luxury and a sumptuous essence to your Diwali 2014:

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  • 10 Facts about Diwali - The Hindu New Year


    Diwali, which is often referred to as the 'Festival of Lights' is almost upon us. Commencing this October 23rd, Hinduism and Hindus alike from all around the world will unite over the 5 day holiday to welcome in the New Year and to celebrate Diwali. 

    Over 1 billion Hindus including friends and families are currently preparing for the festivities with ancient traditions from hundreds of thousands of years ago being remembered at this special time on the calender. Candles will alight, prayers will be sent and a feast will be thrown as Hindus embark on a New Year. Hinduism boasts so much history and many ancient traditions which makes for such cultured and interesting festivities. Therefore we have put together 10 fun and interesting facts about Diwali. Take a read: 

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