• 5 Of The Most Inspiring Mothers In The World

    Yesterday was International Women's Day, which is celebrated every year on 8th March. It allows women all over the world to unite and celebrate equality. To tie in with the theme of powerful ladies, we are edging closer and closer to Mother's day. Here, at Appleyard London, we wanted to outline the most inspiring mothers in the world today and what they have been through to be where they are now.

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  • Mothers Day Sunday Flower Delivery - Available At Appleyard London!

    Traditionally, you won't ever receive post or deliveries on a Sunday. Here at Appleyard, we've made a special exception because we want this Mother's Day to be extra special! What more does the most important lady in your life deserve?

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  • The Perfect Gifts For Your Mum This Mothers Day


    Here at Appleyard London, we have put your Mum first this Mothering Sunday! Take a look at our extensive range of luxury Mother's Day products, ranging from the finest wines to the most delicious hampers; not to mention a stunning array of Mother's Day flowers.

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  • 5 Of The World's Most Unusual Flowers


    Unusual flowers and plants are hard to come across where we live, especially in a busy city or suburbs. How many strange plants and flowers have you seen around your town? Chances are it's not that many. There's a ginormous world out there just waiting to be explored and we're just fascinated with what we've found!

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  • Our New Mother's Day Flowers Are Here!



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  • 5 Early Blooming Flowers To Look Out For


    With it still being quite cold in the morning this February, it seems like winter is never ending, at least it feels that way when you look at the bare trees and boring shrubs around the garden. We’ve picked our 5 favourite early blooming flowers, wild perennials and bulbs that can bring colour to your garden as early as March. These are the earliest of early bloomers and can be spotted peeping their way out of the soil way before spring is in full swing.  So take a mental note and keep your eyes peeled for any of these delightful flowers that may be in sight over the next few weeks.


    Here are our top 5 early blooming flowers to look out for:

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  • Appleyard London & Spa Breaks Competition + Discount!


    With Valentines Day less than 24 hours away, we have an amazing discount for you, plus an Appleyard London & Spa Breaks Competition!


    Let us start with the competition:

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  • Last Minute Valentines Flowers


    With Valentines Day only 2 days away, is it time to start panic buying? We would say probably yes as you can't risk failing to get your loved one the Valentines gift she deserves.

    However, the word 'panic' need not be used with Appleyard London; throughout, we assure you a quality service, ease of order and a luxury product. With Appleyard, there is no fighting in the supermarket for the last bunch of battered roses, or rushing to the petrol station to buy a petrol fumed bouquet.

    Therefore, here are our top 5 Last Minute Valentines Flowers for flower delivery:

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  • 5 Subtle Ways To Hint Valentines Flowers


    With Valentine's Day only 3 days away, how do you subtly hint to your partner that you want Valentine's Flowers? Appleyard London are here to help and here are our answers: 

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  • The Right Bouquet For The Right Occasion


    For generations, women spanning from Mothers and Daughters to Grandmothers and more, have loved to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We guess there is no real science in the matter as to why women become very joyous and vibrant after receiving a bouquet, but these responses encourage men from all around the world to buy flowers for their loved ones.

    A women’s response poses more questions than it answers; is it the art of the lilies that welcomes a smile to her face or is it the deep, luscious red roses that prompt her cheeks to fill with a warm, smitten glow?

    These questions remain unanswered following the introduction of flower arranging by the Egyptians in 2,500 BC. Flower assembling eventually bloomed in Europe in 1000 AD when churches and monasteries used flowers for decorations and gifts. Today, scientists believe there are over 270,000 species of flower resulting in some quite overwhelmingly stunning bouquets. It seems appropriate to pay thanks to the Egyptians for their hieroglyphics, pyramids and their floral innovation!

    With so many species of flowers, how do you decide which flowers are appropriate for your occasion and your lucky recipient? Fortunately, Appleyard London and Laura Ashley have teamed up to help you with this question; just in time for Valentine’s Day! So with the feeling of love very much in the air, the pressure begins to mount as you decide on the right Valentine’s gift for your special one.

    Not everyone is happily married with kids and a mortgage, many singletons are preparing for their nerve-racking first date whilst many want to simply impress their current girlfriend. Therefore, below, we have given you the crucial advice you need to make the right choices when it comes to your bouquet, covering the right flowers for a first date, your anniversary and for Valentine’s Day itself!

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