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Make a beautiful addition to your home with an elegant orchid plant. Their beauty is widespread throughout the world, being the largest family of flowering plants. Bring an orchid plant to your home to lighten up any room.

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Orchid Plants

Choose a beautiful, delicate, oriental orchid plant as a distinctive gift. Orchids are enchanting and elegant house plants, producing exquisite flowers in a range of colours, including white, blue, and pink orchids. From phalaenopsis orchid plants to miltonia and dendrobium orchid plants, you can send the perfect gift with Appleyard London.

All our orchid plants have been sourced with care from our trusted suppliers and lovingly packaged for next day delivery. Each orchid comes ready to be displayed in a luxury orchid pot, with bark compost and moss. We are committed to ensuring that we source only the finest quality, seasonal orchids and stems so that they stay fresh for weeks to come.

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Orchid Care

With the correct care, orchids are a long lasting indoor plant. The plant will produce new shoots and orchid flowers every few months when looked after properly.

Orchids thrive in light, but should be kept out of direct sunlight which can be too harsh on the flower stems. North, east or west-facing windowsills are ideal positions for your orchid. Similarly, orchids do not need too much water; only water when the top inch of bark compost is dry.

For more care tips and FAQs, read our Flower Care Essentials.

Orchids by Post

With our next day plant delivery service, order a beautiful indoor orchid plant today for it to arrive tomorrow, when you buy orchid plants online with us.

As well as beautifully presented boutique orchid plants, we also offer a distinct range of orchid bouquets, including pure white orchids, majestic vanda orchids, and delightful spiral Orchids, the perfect gift to adorn your or a loved ones home. Why not make your flower delivery even more special with a bottle of champagne?

Each of our carefully arranged orchid pots arrives beautifully wrapped with a personalised message when you order online today.

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