Send Letterbox Flowers, convenient on any occasion!

Our Letterbox Flowers fit neatly through the letterbox, so your loved one doesn't need to be in when they're delivered

Here at Appleyard London we pride ourselves on the passion we have for flowers and express this passion through exceptional design and quality. Our recently relaunched Letterbox Flowers range is the perfect example of this. We have letterbox flowers suitable for all occasions, including romance, sympathy and even a congratulatory occasion.


letterbox flowers

Romance Letterbox Flowers

For a romantic occasion coming up between you and your partner, our letterbox 12 red roses are the perfect gift to send that will symbolise the love and affection you have for that special person in your heart. A great alternative if you’re looking for more varied romantic flower is our Letterbox Cherry Bakewell which includes roses, lilies and alstroemeria. Both of these options will slide through your letterbox and be a wonderful surprise for when your loved one arrives home to see these romantic flowers waiting for them.


letterbox flowers

 Sympathy Letterbox Flowers

If you need to send sympathy flowers to someone, both our Letterbox Vanilla and Letterbox Simply White Roses are flowers that express the feeling of sympathy and condolences through their ivory and cream shades. So if you are looking to respectfully send a gift to someone close to you expressing that you are thinking of them during a difficult time then both of these flower options will be a perfect choice.

letterbox flowers

Congratulations Letterbox Flowers

Has someone you know got reason to celebrate? Then let them know how happy you are for them with one of our letterbox flowers! The vibrancy of our letterbox salted caramel and letterbox butterscotch do a great job of showing how happy you are for the recipient and that you want to congratulate them at this wonderful time. The beautiful peach roses in the letterbox salted caramel and the hot orange calla lilies are sure to light up any room. Just imaging your loved ones face once they open the door to see these beautiful flowers delivered just for them.

Letterbox Flowers are so convenient...

Our letterbox flowers range has loads of bouquets that we are sure you will love, such as the beautifully smooth letterbox frangipan. A beautiful combination of pink antique carnations, lilac roses and sugar flair hypericum berries, these flowers work in cohesion together to create a wonderfully elegant design that would suit almost any occasion.

Take a look at all of our letterbox flowers range here at Appleyard London and give that special someone a smile when they arrive home, with our letterbox flowers that guarantee delivery and also guarantee the perfect gift for any occasion.

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