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  • Corporate Gifts: The Complete Guide for Businesses

    Corporate gifting can be a fantastic way for businesses to enhance their partnerships with customers, clients, and suppliers. However, for those just entering the world of corporate gifting it can feel overwhelming and you’ve probably got loads of questions - what corporate gifts are the best to send? Are there any rules you should follow? And are the benefits of corporate gifting even worth it?

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  • Bee-Friendly Gardens: Flowers that Attract Bees to your Garden

    Fill your garden with wildlife with these flowers that attract bees to your garden and help to save the bees.

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  • How to Make Delicious Floral Daiquiris: Lavender and Rose Recipes

    There’s nothing like relaxing with a cold cocktail on a hot day, and the daiquiri has to be one of the most iconic and delicious summer drinks. Whether you prefer your daiquiris frozen or shaken, the smoothie like texture of the drink makes for an instantly refreshing pick me up, perfect for long sunny days in the garden. 

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  • Refreshing: Summer Cocktails & Flowers!

    Picture this.. you're on holiday and you're sitting by the pool, the sun is beating down on you; what could possibly be more refreshing than an ice cold cocktail? To celebrate the arrival of summer, we've created beautiful bouquets inspired by iconic summer cocktails.
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  • Summer Wedding Inspiration

    Planning a wedding isn't easy and it can be difficult to know where to start! From colours to dresses and flowers to food there's so much choice which can make things a tad confusing. To help here's a combination of colour based mood boards to give you a little Summer wedding inspiration to assist you when planning your perfect day.

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  • National Mojito Day 2018 | Marvellous Floral Rose Mojito Recipe

    Wondering how to make the perfect floral mojito this National Mojito Day? We have the best mojito cocktail recipe right here.


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  • Edible Flower Cocktails!

    Summer cocktails were the inspiration behind our Summer bouquets. For those who enjoy a cocktail, we've shown how you can decorate your cocktails with some edible flowers.

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  • How To Repot An Orchid Plant

    Keep your plant blooming with our top tips on how to repot an orchid.

    Orchids are beautiful so it's no wonder that we want to keep them blooming for as long as possible and to do this, you will eventually need to repot it. This may seem a little daunting but not to worry, we have some simple steps to help along the way.

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  • What vegetables to plant in May

    It's May, let's grow some veg! but what vegetables to plant in May?

    Spring is well on its way so it's time to get your seeds sown and your veggies grown! Not only are homegrown vegetables tastier but they are also higher in nutrients and vitamins than your average supermarket veg so what better reason than to grow your own. Here's a list of all the vegetables to plant in May!

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  • Prepare your lawn for Spring

    Prepare your Lawn for Spring with our seasonal tips!

    Spring is here, the daffodils are appearing, trees are beginning to bloom and it's time for you to begin preparing your lawn for the Spring and upcoming Summer months! Here's some tips on preparing your Lawn and how to keep it in tip-top shape this season.

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