The Best Stately Homes & Gardens to Visit in Wales

Where will you go next? We've put together this guide to help you find the best stately homes and gardens to visit in Wales.

Wales is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, with miles of stunning hills and mountains across the country. Countryside aside, there’s also plenty of beautiful stately homes and gardens in Wales to keep you entertained. Easily accessible from cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol, Wales is only a stones throw away for a great day out with friends and family.

1. Fonmon Castle and Gardens

Where is Fonmon Castle and Gardens?

Fonmon Castle and Gardens is in Fonmon, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Pop CF62 3ZN into your SatNav

Why visit Fonmon Castle and Gardens?

The beautiful Fonmon Castle has been lived in continuously since the thirteenth century and is, unusually for a medieval castle, still inhabited today. The interior of the castle showcases the best of design throughout the ages, with fine examples of architecture including the Old Kitchen and the Grand Library.

The gardens are an unmissable part of the castle, so make sure you try and pick a fine day to enjoy the beautiful walks that can be taken. Admire the ancient trees in the orchard and take in the scents and colours of the herb garden.

When can I visit Fonmon Castle and Gardens?

From April to September inclusive, during the Public Opening season, anyone can visit Fonmon on a Tuesday or a Wednesday afternoon and casual visitors are welcomed.
There are guided tours of the castle itself on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm

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2. Bodrhyddan Hall and Gardens

Where is Bodrhyddan Hall and Gardens?

Bodrhyddan Hall is located in Clwyd, North Wales. Pop LL18 5SB in your SatNav

Why visit Bodrhyddan Hall and Gardens?

Bodrhyddan Hall and Gardens is a romantic 17th Century hall which has been home to Lord Langford and his family for over 500 years. The hall itself is an architectural gem, featuring historic collections from across Europe, North Africa, the New World and Pacific Islands.

Spread over eight acres of land, the gardens include highlights such as the formal parterre, flowing lawns and the extensive pleasance. Don’t miss the beautiful Woodland Walk area, which was reclaimed in the early 2000’s. If you’re a wildlife fan, you’ll be pleased to know that the grounds are home to plenty of birds, amphibians and mammals.

When can I visit Bodrhyddan Hall and Gardens?

Bodrhyddan Hall is open to the public Between 14:00-17:00; Tuesdays & Thursdays, June-September, with the last tour leaving at 16:00.

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3. Stradey Castle

Where is Stradey Castle?

Stradey Castle is in Llanelli, Wales. Pop SA15 4PH into your SatNav.

Why visit Stradey Castle?

Stradey Castle was built in the 19th century and has been beautifully preserved as a Grade 2 listed building. With a stunning collection of paintings by the current owner's great-grandfather and his artist friends, the interior is a delight to look around.

Set amongst beautiful woodland gardens with an array of unique and unusual trees and shrubs, the gardens of Stradey castle make for an interesting walk.

When can I visit Stradey Castle?

You can visit Stradey Castle on a Heritage Tour, held at 2.30pm on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month between April and September, or as part of a privately arranged tour. Booking is essential.

You can find out more about Stradey Castle by visiting: 

We hope we've given you some great inspiration with our Best Stately Homes & Gardens to Visit in Wales to help you plan your next day out!

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