• Easter Gift Guide 2016

    It's almost Easter! It's a time to celebrate Spring, family and friends too. Have a look at our gorgeous alternative Easter gift guide and move away from your typical chocolate Easter eggs.

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  • Wake Up To Spring Flowers

    Take in a breath of fresh air with a bouquet of phenomenal springtime flowers

    We are now a fair way into March and the Spring months are under way. Our gardens will start to brighten up with colour as the sun becomes hotter. Our houses should reflect this new found warmth and at Appleyard we believe the best way to do this is always the most natural possible; with a lavish bouquet of hand-tied Spring flowers.

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  • Are You Looking For The Perfect Mother's Day Gift?

    Find a luxury gift from Appleyard London & really spoil your Mum this Mother's Day!

    On Sunday 6th March (2016), we can celebrate our mother's all across the UK for being the amazing women that they are. Each of our mothers have welcomed us into this amazing world and have brought us up to be the well rounded people we are today, through much hard work and determination. We all have our own individual special bond with our mums and Mother's Day is the perfect time to really appreciate her than thank her for all that she has done for us.

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  • What Flowers Can You Buy Your Partner This Valentine's Day?

    Love is in the air and Appleyard London have a beautiful array of the finest luxury flowers available to be delivered to the person your love this Valentine's Day.

    Our Valentine's Day Flowers and gifts range is full of the finest bouquets, alcohol and chocolate gifts perfect for winning over the heart of your loved one on February 14th!

    All our flowers are available for delivery straight to the front door on Sunday 14th February, the perfect surprise to a Valentine's weekend.

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  • Easy-To-Make Valentines Day Food Ideas

    From starter to dessert, these delicious recipes will make your Valentine's Day one to remember.

    February 14th, also know as Valentine's Day, is where we celebrate the love we hold with our partner and it originates from someone known as St. Valentine. It is known that this infamous holiday has been celebrated for centuries, dating as far back as the Romans, however it is unclear who St. Valentine actually was, and why we celebrate the joy of love under his name almost 1750 years later. Some characteristics the stories all have in common though are love, romance and heroic acts.

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  • Your Love Stories: Sending and Receiving Flowers

    We hope you like these love stories as much as we do!

    We recently ran a competition on our Facebook page to find out about the first time our lovely customers sent or received flowers. We were sent some truly beautiful love stories, some were happy, sad, funny and romantic and we have chosen the best ones to showcase here on our blog. Prepare yourself and grab some tissues, they're truly heart warming!

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  • Introducing Our Latest Flower Arrangements For 2016

    Explore our range of brand-new modern inspired bouquets, exclusive to Appleyard London.

    The New Year has brought exciting new ventures to Appleyard London as we have created some new and simply stunning flower arrangements that cannot be missed. We have taken inspiration from modern architecture and designs together with the spring months to bring you new bouquets to complement every living room, bathroom and bedroom. Some of our new bouquets will be only be here for a couple of months though, due to the fact that we work only with the freshest flowers, which are sometimes seasonal. Even more of an excuse to treat yourself to one of our decadent bouquets sooner, rather than later! Read more

  • The Language Of Flowers & Their Meanings

    When you send a bouquet of flowers to friends, family and loved one, you don't just send a beautiful flower, you send emotions. Learn about what each flower can say for you with all it's beauty and meaning.

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  • Flowers To Brighten Up Your 'Blue Monday'

    Who said that blue Monday had to be sad? Take a look at our range of blue flowers to brighten your, or someones day!

    For those who aren't aware, blue Monday is the third Monday of January and is classed as the most depressing day of the year. Send some cheer on Monday with a beautiful blue bouquet for yourself, a colleague or someone special to brighten up their day! Flowers are scientifically proven to make the receiver fell less depressed, anxious and agitated for upwards of 3 days after receiving flowers. They also feel more compelled to contact friends and family, so help your loved ones spread some love!

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  • "It Will Affect 1 In 50 People" How To Combat Winter Blues!

    Discover how the lack of sunlight impacts us and how to combat the winter blues!

    The gloomy winter nights are drawing in before most of us have chance to finish our 9 – 5 shift, having arrived at work accompanied by the treacherous Jack Frost. Whilst the festive season shines like a glimmer of daylight at the end of a very long tunnel, helping to keep our spirits high, it is scientifically proven that a lack of sunlight during winter can have a negative impact on our bodies and mood.

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