Prepare your lawn for Spring

Prepare your Lawn for Spring with our seasonal tips!

Spring is here, the daffodils are appearing, trees are beginning to bloom and it's time for you to begin preparing your lawn for the Spring and upcoming Summer months! Here's some tips on preparing your Lawn and how to keep it in tip-top shape this season.

prepare your lawn for spring


Mow lawns when required - when needed and mow the lawn. Always aim to maintain the height of your grass throughout the year.

Repair the lawn edges - use a spade or edging iron to create a gutter approximately 3 inches around the edges of your lawn. This will prevent the grass from creeping into the borders around your lawn.

Maintain a level lawn - repair any bumps or hollows in the grass by pulling back the turf and adding or removing soil where necessary and then place the turf back to its original position.

prepare your lawn for spring

Weed and feed

Fertiliser & Weeding - In around March to April you should opt for a proprietary spring or summer lawn fertiliser and carefully follow instructions to ensure proper use. This will help to prevent weeds and moss from growing. It is best to apply fertilisers when the soil is moist, or when rain is expected.

Remove old plant debris - Lightly rake your lawn to remove old plant debris, you can also use this method a couple of weeks after applying moss killer to remove dead moss.

prepare your lawn for spring

Brand new

Sowing new loans  - Sowing new lawns or seeding over dead patches can be carried out from mid-April to early May. To prevent poor germination do not apply if the soil is very wet or cold, it is better to wait until the weather improves. To prepare the ground for sowing, get it ready by levelling and gently firming prior to sowing. (Do not walk over or mow newly sown grass, it is important to wait until the grass has reached a height of 5-8cm.

prepare your lawn for spring

Grass clippings

Use any leftover grass clippings by adding them to your compost heap. When doing this only apply thin layers of grass clippings to your compost, thick layers are likely to be wet and poorly aerated which will lead to pungent slime rather than compost.

We hope that these tips are useful when preparing your lawn for Spring. These steps will help you to keep your outdoors beautiful but what about indoors? Treat yourself or a loved one to some beautiful luxury cut flowers this Spring from Appleyard London. We delivery 7 days a week across the UK to provide you with stunning blooms all year round.

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