• 7 Surprising Ways You Can Make Christmas Easier With A Mini Tree

    The options seem endless when you’re looking for the perfect tree this Christmas, whether you’re debating between a real tree and an artificial one, or simply can’t decide how to decorate yours this year.

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  • The Benefits of Plants for Your Health and Wellbeing

    Plants don’t just look pretty - they’re good for your health and wellbeing, too.

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  • Find Your Perfect House Plant

    Houseplants are a lovely addition to any home, and there's so much more to them than meets the eye.

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  • Bee-Friendly Gardens: Flowers that Attract Bees to your Garden

    Fill your garden with wildlife with these flowers that attract bees to your garden and help to save the bees.

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  • How To Repot An Orchid Plant

    Keep your plant blooming with our top tips on how to repot an orchid.

    Orchids are beautiful so it's no wonder that we want to keep them blooming for as long as possible and to do this, you will eventually need to repot it. This may seem a little daunting but not to worry, we have some simple steps to help along the way.

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  • What vegetables to plant in May

    It's May, let's grow some veg! but what vegetables to plant in May?

    Spring is well on its way so it's time to get your seeds sown and your veggies grown! Not only are homegrown vegetables tastier but they are also higher in nutrients and vitamins than your average supermarket veg so what better reason than to grow your own. Here's a list of all the vegetables to plant in May!

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  • Mother's Day Orchids

     Take a look at our Mother's Day Orchids. Why not treat your mum to a luxury plant this Mother's Day?

    Orchids are certainly one of our most popular plants and they are the perfect Mother's Day gift. Not only are they beautiful, they are long lasting, so we thought we'd write a blog post to showcase our beautiful range of Mother's Day orchids.

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  • Mother's Day Plants

    Trying to find the perfect gift for your Mum? Mother's Day plants are a long-lasting gift that keeps on giving.

    Mother's Day is around the corner and it can often be difficult to find a gift that you know she will love. So, why not send plants for Mother's Day delivery? A plant is a gift that keeps on giving because it lasts for as long as you care for it! Take a look at our beautiful range, she won't be disappointed.

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  • Health & lifestyle benefits of plants

    The benefits of plants on your health and lifestyle

    You may not realise that when you embellish your home with plants it enhances more than just the appearance of your interior. Plants interact with your body, mind and home generating many health and lifestyle benefits, continue reading the Appleyard blog post to find out how or browse our new plants range to find the plant for you!

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  • Placing plants in your home

    Some ideas on placing plants in your home!

    Sometimes finding the best place to put things in your home can be difficult and we all need a bit of inspiration from time to time. Plants are a beautiful way to decorate your home and can really bring a room to life.

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