7 Surprising Ways You Can Make Christmas Easier With A Mini Tree

The options seem can endless when you’re looking for the perfect tree this Christmas.

Whether you’re debating between a real tree and an artificial one, or simply can’t decide how to decorate yours this year. it's not always easy making a decision.

However, you might not have considered getting a miniature Christmas tree. Here are our top 7 reasons you should be thinking about switching to a tiny tree this year.

1. It's good for the environment

Artificial trees can seem like a convenient option, but they actually have a very high carbon footprint. You have to use an artificial tree for at least 10 years before it becomes as sustainable as a real tree. 

This is due to the fact that artificial trees are usually made of plastic, which takes a lot of energy to make, can’t be recycled, and they are often imported from abroad. Real trees which are turned into splinters or used as firewood have a 3.5kg carbon footprint, compared to the 40kg carbon footprint of an artificial tree. Even if a real tree does end up in landfill (you should avoid this!) its carbon footprint is still much smaller - half that of an artificial tree. Real trees grown on sustainable farms will absorb CO2 as they grow. 

Mini trees combine the best of both worlds, and are the perfect option if you're looking for a sustainable Christmas tree. They are living plants and if kept well watered and in good light, you can plant them in the garden after Christmas. They will continue to flourish and grow ready to be used for Christmas next year. For the best results, try to keep your mini tree away from sources of heat and drafts. When moving it outside, it can help to put it in a cooler location like a garage for a few days to help it adjust to lower temperatures. 

2. No Needles

If you’re sick of tidying away needles from your tree, these mini trees will feel like a dream. As they are living trees they won’t shed their needles so no need to be constantly clearing up. This is because they don’t dry out like cut Christmas trees, which has the added benefit of making them less of a fire risk. Simply keep them well hydrated and away from radiators so they continue to look their best.

3. Enjoy that Christmas tree fragrance

One unbeatable aspect of a real tree is that classic Christmas pine scent. You simply can’t get that with an artificial tree, but with our mini trees, you’ll still get to enjoy that much loved alpine fragrance. You’ll feel Christmassy as soon as you walk through the door!

4. No need to buy decorations or lights

Decorating a tree can be fun, but it can also take a lot of time and effort - especially with all the other Christmas chores that need to be finished. That’s not a worry with these mini trees; they arrive packaged with lights and decorations which take seconds to put on. 

5. Design your perfect Christmas tree

With our Christmas tree builder, you can design your own mini Christmas tree to fit seamlessly with the rest of your decorations. Choose from traditional evergreen trees or contemporary twig trees, and then select your favourite baubles to match your decor. We have a great selection of colours for baubles, including rose gold, red, burgundy, and silver.

These trees make for fabulous personalised gifts too, and are a great way to send some festive cheer this Christmas.

6. Perfect for flats or as additional decoration.

Fitting a 7 feet tall Christmas tree into a flat, or other smaller homes can be a struggle. Miniature trees are perfect for bringing a bit of Christmas spirit to small spaces. They can easily be placed on a table, desk, or countertop, rather than needing a whole corner of a room to themselves.

Similarly, they can also be used as an additional decoration even if you have a full sized tree. If your tree is in the living room, why not bring that festive feeling to a dining room or bedroom with a miniature one? 

7. Have your Christmas tree delivered directly to you

There’s no need to wrestle trying to get your tree into the car, as our miniature trees can be ordered online for delivery throughout the UK. Your Christmas tree can be delivered on any date in December, with the final delivery date on Christmas Eve. 

We would recommend ordering your miniature Christmas tree in advance, so you don’t miss out. Head over to our Christmas Tree Builder to design your perfect tree.

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