• Halloween Flower Ideas

    Here are Appleyard's top 5 Halloween flower ideas!

    Flowers are a beautiful yet alternative way to add a little bit of Halloween into your home, there are many ways in which you can do this and we are going to give you some inspiration on how to incorporate flowers into your Halloween décor.

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  • The Power of Flowers

    See how ELEMIS  use the power of flowers in their products

    “People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.” Iris Murdoch. Read more

  • Flowers and their scent

    Discover your perfect flowers and their scent!

    Many flowers aren't just recognised for their beauty but also their smell. It is often difficult to identify their smell but we are going to help you discover flowers and their scent with the keen nose of our expert florists. Struggling to decide what type of flower to pick? How about the one to suit your sense of smell!

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  • Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year

    Anniversary Flowers: From 1 to 60!

    From the newly weds to the long lasting partners, wedding anniversaries are one of the most special dates on the calendar to any husband and wife. Flowers are one of the most popular anniversary gifts as they're not only a gesture of love, but also also portray romance and beauty. Year-by-year, the sentimental value of the anniversary doesn't change, but there are recommendations that the present should! In this blog we'll discuss which flowers you're supposed to include in milestone anniversaries (and everything in between)!

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  • Flowers That Mean Business: Corporate Flowers

    Corporate Flowers - Everything you need to know.

    Whether it's to add a splash of colour to the office, or to make customers feel a warm welcome upon entering your business - corporate flowers are a great way to communicate a strong message and keep spirits high in the working environment! Today we'll go through the importance of corporate flowers in the business world, occasions they can be used for and which flowers for which occasion.

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  • How To Make A Daisy Chain This Summer

    Making a daisy chain this summer: A step by step guide by Appleyard London.

    So what is a daisy chain you might ask?

    “Daisy chain: a string of daisies threaded together by their stems.”

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  • Where To Display Flowers In Your New Home

    What is more beautiful than a fresh bouquet of flowers to grace your new home?

    You can order a bouquet straight to your new address and display them in the perfect place! Mentioned in our previous blog post this week about how to attract good luck into your new home, feng shui is very important when decorating. Displaying fresh flowers can bring good fortune, especially when placed in high energy areas of your new home.

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  • How To Create A Beautiful Spring Table Decoration

    Bring some colour into your home with our step-by-step photo guide of how to create a gorgeous Spring table decoration.

    Spring is here! Although we can't always rely on the British weather to show it. Brighten up any room in your house or create the perfect gift for a birthday or special occasion. All designed and photographed by Appleyard London's Head Florist Lauren Probert, official florist of the 2012 London Olympic games.

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  • We're Turning Tropical! - Tropical Flowers from Appleyard

    To celebrate our brand new tropical flowers bouquet Tropicana, we're sharing with you some tropical cocktail ideas!

    Tropical flowers are much more exotic than any flowers you will find on the British isles. We're really excited to introduce our first Tropical bouquet 'Tropicana' and to do so we're also going to give you some tasty cocktail recipes too!

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  • Flowers Around The Home

    What's nicer than having a fresh bouquet of flowers around the home? Not only can they brighten up any room, but they smell divine too!

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