How To Make A Daisy Chain This Summer

Read our step by step guide on creating the perfect daisy chain.

A daisy chain is just what it says on the tin - a string of daisies threaded together by their stems. They're very simple to make, and it couldn't be easier to find daisies to use. They're one of the most abundant wildflowers in the UK, and a common sight in lawns and field.

If you loved making daisy chains as a child, summer's definitely the time to get nostalgic and enjoy some bohemian floral style! There are two methods in making your own daisy chain: slits and braiding. We'll explain both!

Method 1: Slits

Step 1

Find yourself a daisy patch and pick which daisies you think will look the best for your daisy chain! (Tip: the thicker the stem of the daisy, the stronger it should hold!).

Step 2

Once you have picked your daisies, make a small slit with your thumb or a plastic knife lengthways down the centre of the stem. Make this slit just below the flower or half way down the stem.

Step 3

Get a second daisy and thread the stem through the slit you have just made. Push right through so that the flower of the second daisy is snug against the stem of the first.

Step 4

Then make a slit in the stem of the second daisy and thread through a third daisy. Repeat this process to make the daisy chain to your desired length!

Step 5

Once your daisy chain is the right length, simply link up your first and final daisies by making a slit in the last one, and pulling the first one through.

Method 2: Braiding

Step 1

Start by choosing your daisies again. This time, the longer the stem the better – this is because it will make the braiding process a little easier. The longer and more flexible the stem, the easier it will be!

Step 2

Strip any leaves off the stem and place three daisies down in a row on a flat surface. Pinch the stems at the top near the flower head.

Step 3

Bring the right stem over into the middle and place a finger where the two stems crossover. If any stems break you will have to replace them with new ones!

Step 4

Bring the left stem over the new middle stem and under the stem on the right. Gently pull all three stems to make tight. Be careful not to break them! Then take the right stem again and move into the middle again, continuing this process. Then take the right stem again and move into the middle, continuing this process.

Additionally, you could add more summer flowers and braid with four stems, making a thicker and stronger chain!

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