Your Love Stories: Sending and Receiving Flowers

We hope you like these love stories as much as we do!

We recently ran a competition on our Facebook page to find out about the first time our lovely customers sent or received flowers. We were sent some truly beautiful love stories, some were happy, sad, funny and romantic and we have chosen the best ones to showcase here on our blog. Prepare yourself and grab some tissues, they're truly heart warming!

Love stories

Long Lost Loves - Winner!

The first time I received flowers was from my long lost love. After 8 years apart we finally found each other again through social media and within two days of speaking to each other we decided to meet up so he drove almost 500 miles to come see me. When he arrived he had brought me a big bunch of flowers. I will never forget the moment I opened the door. 4 years later we are now engaged and looking to get married.

- Sam Imray

Love stories

For Mum, With Love

I got my first job as a teenager and bought my mum a massive bouquet of flowers out of my first lot of pay, just to say thank you and that I love her.

- Charlotte Conroy

Love stories

Out-doing the others

When I was younger if I'd upset my Mum, I would have a bunch of flowers sent to her work. When my Dad picked her up, she would tease him and hint that a man may have given them to her! So the next day, Dad had a bigger bunch of flowers sent to her work, not to be out done, then she would tell him that the flowers were from me. Men are so funny!

- Sharon Lawrence

Love stories

Too hungover for flowers

I ordered my wife a nice bouquet of flowers to be delivered to our house the day after we got married, the plan was simple, she would open the door and be surprised, however having had to much to drink the night before, she point blankly refused to answer the door, hence I received the flowers I had ordered.

- Ricky Whitla

Love stories


A single red rose...

Just after my 16th Birthday I received a rose from my boyfriend for Valentines day - he cycled 10 miles to bring it. So sweet, I married him! We now have 3 grown up children and he still brings me a red rose every year , not so much of the cycling though...

- Rosie Dharamsi


Love stories

Appreciating the thought

The girlfriend now wife sent me some to work on valentines day and I had to walk past 200 workers cheering and laughing!

- Scott Lambert


Love stories

Away in the armed forces

I receiver flowers from my partner when he was away in a certain bad place with work. I had not spoken to him for weeks because he was on exercise and some gorgeous flowers turned up, updating how much he missed me and couldn't wait to come home. I was dying to speak to him but these made me happy.

- Zoe Tudor


Love stories

Excitement and anticipation

I was 16 working in a supermarket when I received my first flowers. I worked on the tills on a Saturday and in the holidays for a bit of extra pocket money. I enjoyed talking to people and used to make it my mission to compliment people or say something nice as I'm a great believe in 'paying it forward'.
One day someone came up to me and said some roses had appeared for me on the tobacco kiosk. I was completely disbelieving and had no idea who they could be from! I was still a couple of hours away from the end of my shift so I drove myself crazy thinking about it, convincing myself they had made a mistake.
About 20 minutes before the end, the lady from the kiosk came over and confirmed the news and said that it was from someone who looked like Tom Cruise! I was so excited, imagining him in Top Gun, hmmm!
Reading the note it said, 'for the pretty girl on the till, thank you for making my day'! Wow! It was like something out of fairytales, especially for a 16 year old!
I spent several days in excited anticipation at seeing him, (imagining him by now in a pilots outfit!) until one day he came in. Oh, this is the man of my dreams who sends gorgeous flowers...
Unfortunately as he approached, the Top Gun image faded!
He wasn't quite the man of my dreams and there was definitely no fairytale ending but nonetheless the excitement and the beautiful roses made my day in return!

- Kate Juliet Nicholas


We hope you have enjoyed reading these love stories as much as we did, and a big thank-you to all of the lovely people that have shared their personal love stories with us!

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