Our Next Day Delivery Cut Off Point Now Extended To 7PM!

As of this week, our highly valued customers will be able to order their luxury flowers bouquets up until 7 o'clock that evening for next day flowers delivery*.

This follows the previous cut off of 4pm, giving you an extra 3 hours to select your sumptuous bouquet for that someone special.

Therefore, you can take your time getting home from work before cooking the kids their tea and enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, meanwhile, all the time knowing you can still order a luxury bouquet for any occasion which will be delivered the following day.

Here’s an example of how the 7pm cut off point will benefit you:

Maybe you are sat watching the soaps and then all of a sudden you realise it is your friend’s birthday tomorrow! It is currently 6.45pm. Boot the laptop up, 2 minutes gone. Select your bouquet from a wide choice of bouquets at Appleyardflowers.com, 5 minutes. Complete the delivery details, 3 minutes. Phew, 5 minutes to spare, stick the kettle on and get ready for Emmerdale at 7pm. All of the time, your friend will be none the wiser and will still receive hand held luxury for their birthday.

It is easy, convenient and designed to make your Appleyard London experience even better!

Whether it is a delicate “Radiant Red Rose” bouquet, or a sumptuous “Shabby Chic” “Secret Garden” bouquet, the 7pm cut off is available for all. Visit us at our website at appleyardflowers.com to explore our wide range of luxury bouquets and remember, you have until 7pm that day to make your order to ensure next day delivery.

And remember, delivery is free!


 *Next day delivery is available to parts of the UK. However, this excludes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We will certainly try but can not guarantee. Please see our website for further details.

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