Best Bulbs For Autumn Planting

It’s that time of year again. September has rolled around and its time to start about what sort of bulbs you are going to plant this autumn.

For us, bulbs are the most satisfying types of plant. It’s extraordinary how something so small and shrivelled can produce something so stunningly beautiful. There are a range of bulbs to choose from for autumn planting, but the rule of thumb is to choose spring and hardy summer-flowering bulbs throughout the autumnal season.

We love planting bulbs, especially in autumn. They are a great way of adding colour to your spring borders. As we love this time of year so much, we have put together our favourite and best bulbs for autumn planting…


1)      Windflower


A great bulb for planting in autumn, the Windflower (Anemona Coronaria) is best planted in full view of the sun and in light sandy soil. This hardy plant commonly flowers in March and April and its low growing flowers can be used as either cut flowers or at the front of a sunny border. The windflower is much loved for it’s large, black eyed, red flowers… simply stunning!


2)      Double Late Tulip


Tulips are probably the best of all bulbs for autumn planting. Best planted late October or even early November, these autumnal bulbs are best planted in full view of the sun and in fertile, well-drained soil. The Double Late Tulip (Tulipa ‘Dream Touch’) usually flowers around May and its exotic looking petals make for a great cut flower or when planted in big groups.


3)      Dogs Tooth Violet


The Dogs Tooth Violet (Erythronium Revolutum) is definitely the strangest named autumn bulb on this list. The Dogs Tooth Violet is a hardy flower and begins to flower in early April. It’s lush green foliage is in contrast to is hearly marbles purple-brown petals. This autumn bulb is best planted in partial to full share and grows best in fertile, rich and freely draining soil that does not dry out. A visually stunning flower given its small stature.


4)      Viridiflora Tulip


Another tulip, the Viridiflora (Tulipa ‘Flaming Springgreen’) blooms in a stunning array of white, green and red. Appearing late in the seasons, normally around May, the  Viridiflora Tulip is best planted in full sunlight and in fertile, well-drained soil. They are a long-living flower, both in the garden and in a vase, and are closely related to the popular Spring Green.


5)      Double Early Tuplip


The final flower, and third tulip variety on the list, the Double Early Tulip (Tulipa ‘Peach Blossom’) can be planted any time between September and December and will bloom between March and April. This autumn bulb is best planted in full view of the sun and in fertile, well-drained soil for best growth. They are popular for their dark rose-pink flowers with greenish-white bases and are often used both in the garden and as cut flowers.

When planting your autumn bulbs, be sure to plant the right bulb in the right place i.e. sunlight or shade, and in the right soil to aid growth. Do your research and come spring you will have a garden full of beautiful flowers.

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