Learn Your Love Language: The Right Gift to Give this Valentine’s Day

​​We all express our love in different ways. This Valentine’s Day, make sure you choose the best love language to suit your loved one - whether you’re celebrating romantic love, family love or platonic friendships.

At Appleyard we’ve got you covered with gift ideas and stunning floral arrangements to suit every taste and aesthetic. Whatever you’re looking for and however you want to convey your love on this special day, you’ll find it with us. 

What is a love language?

You may have heard of the term ‘love language’ and quite simply, it refers to the way that different people express and receive love.

Let’s take a look at the five most commonly discussed love languages, and how they can be used to help get the right gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day. 

Words of Affirmation

Those who express their love through words of affirmation will always appreciate beautifully written cards alongside their Valentine’s Gift. 

The value that people place on words of affirmation when expressing their love means that popping in a thoughtful note with their gift or flowers will enable you to reciprocate their love language. Luckily, all of our bouquets include a free gift card with your personalised message, and you can upgrade your card to a Valentine's Day one too for just a little extra.

People who prefer words of affirmation as a love language are also likely to prefer traditional Valentine’s gifts and flowers such as red roses, boxes of chocolates or maybe a bottle of prosecco. 

Why not try sending the ultimate gift with a Valentine’s Day delivery of red roses, champagne, a beautiful box of chocolates and a thoughtful card? 

Acts of Service

Some people express their love through acts of service to their loved ones - this can be something as simple as doing chores or errands, or cooking a meal. 

If this is your or your partner’s love language, you could consider treating the other with a regular gift such as a flower subscription. This can be the perfect antidote to endless selfless acts and is a lovely reminder each month of your appreciation for all that they do.

Flower subscriptions are really popular as a gift that extends far beyond February 14th. You can opt for ongoing monthly plans, 3 month, 6 month or 1 year subscriptions. All you’ll need to do is choose the option that suits you best and state where you want the flowers to be delivered to. 


It’s traditional on Valentine’s Day to show your love and affection through gifts to your partner. For some this is even more important if their love language is gift giving and receiving. 

Fortunately, we’ve got you fully covered and can help with gifts to suit every taste and preference. 

We know that for some people, vast floral arrangements arriving in the post will make their day immensely special - yet we’ve also got gift ideas for those who may be harder to buy for. 

Sending wine, champagne or bubbles alongside a box of chocolates or truffles is a popular choice, and we’ve also got artisan hampers to suit all tastes from deluxe cheeseboards to Afternoon Tea packages. 

For something that's sure to tick all the boxes, explore our Valentine's gift sets. We've paired our stunning bouquets with a variety of different gifts, from luxury champagnes to chocolates, scented candles, and more.

Quality Time

For those who value quality time in a relationship above anything else, it can be difficult to decide what to buy on Valentine’s Day. When the focus tends to be on material gifts to express your love, how do you give the gift of time?

Don’t panic. If your loved one’s love language is focussed around the concept of the time that you spend together, we’ve got a brilliantly creative way to make February 14th extra special. 

Simply find a garden or house plant that is symbolic to you and your relationship - this could be a potted rose or even something more unusual such as an olive tree. 

Once your tree or plant is delivered, you can plan your special time together around planting the tree and creating a ritual of watering it and nurturing it together. 

Physical Touch

For the more sensual and romantic amongst us, physical touch can be immensely important. The physical act of giving flowers can be accompanied by an encompassing hug and a meaningful kiss. 

For the ultimate romantic moment, you might want to go for traditionally romantic flowers such as roses to symbolise your love on Valentine’s Day.  Alternatively, why not think about what flowers are most relevant to you and your relationship? You could choose to gift your partner the flowers that you had at your wedding if you're married, or a flower typical of a recent country that you have visited. 

Romantic gestures such as these which have been carefully thought through will be hugely appreciated. 

Extra Tips for Choosing the Right Gift 

We hope you feel a bit more confident about your partner’s love language and what they might like best for a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Just in case you need some extra inspiration, here are a few of our top tips when it comes to gift giving this February: 

  • Always take note of any flowers or floral arrangements that your partner buys themselves. Look at the colours that they go for, the style of the arrangement and the type of flowers they prefer. 
  • You could also pay close attention to colours and flowers that they comment on outside of the home. Perhaps they follow certain social media accounts or have mentioned how much they like flowers in a local café or shop. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your partner what they’d like as a gift. You might discuss it subtly whilst talking about flower preferences, or you might have an honest conversation about what you’d each like to receive. 
  • Every couple and every friendship is different. If you like to be open and honest about preferences and would rather get something that your partner truly wants and likes, just speak to them about the gift you’re considering and see what their reaction is. 
  • Look at our full list of gift options. You don’t have to stick with traditional bouquets of roses if you don’t think they’re right for your partner. Think outside the box, be creative and check out the different gifts available for delivery today.
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