• 10 Spooky Halloween Flowers

    Happy Halloween to all of our followers!

    Whether you are going trick or treating as a witch or a White Walker we're sure you'll look terrifying for the spooky occasion.

    To welcome the witching hour, we have picked out 10 spine-tingling, breath-taking, word-stopping flowers that are certain to make you think whether flowers are naughty or nice.

    You may want to grab a cushion to hide behind:

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  • Corporate Gifts: The Complete Guide for Businesses

    Corporate gifting can be a fantastic way for businesses to enhance their partnerships with customers, clients, and suppliers. However, for those just entering the world of corporate gifting it can feel overwhelming and you’ve probably got loads of questions - what corporate gifts are the best to send? Are there any rules you should follow? And are the benefits of corporate gifting even worth it?

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  • Top 12 Long-Lasting Flowers

    A fresh bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to brighten up your home, and a gift that is sure to make someone’s day. When choosing an arrangement, you’ll naturally consider things like the colour and variety of the flowers to find something that suits the occasion. However, one other thing to take into account is the vase life of the flowers. 

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  • The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Romantic Wedding Anniversary

    Anniversaries are a special day for any couple, giving you the chance to celebrate the years you’ve spent together. Here at Appleyard, we want to help you make the most of any special occasion, so we’ve put together this guide covering absolutely everything you need to know about planning the perfect wedding anniversary. From gift ideas and traditions, to romantic anniversary date ideas, you’ll find it all here.

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  • Bee-Friendly Gardens: Flowers that Attract Bees to your Garden

    Fill your garden with wildlife with these flowers that attract bees to your garden and help to save the bees.

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  • How to Make Delicious Floral Daiquiris: Lavender and Rose Recipes

    There’s nothing like relaxing with a cold cocktail on a hot day, and the daiquiri has to be one of the most iconic and delicious summer drinks. Whether you prefer your daiquiris frozen or shaken, the smoothie like texture of the drink makes for an instantly refreshing pick me up, perfect for long sunny days in the garden. 

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  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019: Photos & Highlights

    Appleyard London paid a visit to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019, and we had a fabulous time exploring the lush grounds to see the abundant flowers and beautiful gardens. We’ve taken a lot of pictures so we thought we’d share some of our favourites from the show, and tell you a bit more about the exhibits.

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  • Chelsea in Bloom 2019: Photos & Highlights

    Chelsea in Bloom is an annual festival that transforms the streets of Chelsea into a floral paradise. Shops, restaurants and hotels are decorated with stunning floral displays, all designed around a particular theme.

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  • Refreshing: Summer Cocktails & Flowers!

    Picture this.. you're on holiday and you're sitting by the pool, the sun is beating down on you; what could possibly be more refreshing than an ice cold cocktail? To celebrate the arrival of summer, we've created beautiful bouquets inspired by iconic summer cocktails.
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  • Top 5 Flowers For Your Summer Bouquet

    More than any other season, summer is the opportunity to be bold, bright and beautiful.  When the sun is shining, there is nothing quite like a burst of colour to keep you in that cheerful ‘summer is finally here’ mood.

     Which is why we are going to talk you through the best flowers to include in your summer bouquet.  Whether it is to brighten up that corner in a room, work as a gorgeous centerpiece for that summer garden party or simply just to enjoy some beautiful summer blooms.

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