5 Flowers That Love The Rain


Do you ever worry that your flowers and plants are being over watered or there's too much rainfall? There are plenty of flowers that love the rain and plants that need wet soil or marsh land to grow.

We are coming to the end of March (already!) and we have discovered that March is in fact known as 'Umbrella Month.' So, to tie in with the beginning of Spring, the upcoming April showers and 'Umbrella Month', we have compiled a list of our favourite 5 flowers that love the rain and need lots of water to grow. This is useful for your garden if you live in a rainy city or town.



1 - forgetmenot

Forget-me-not forms a delicate-looking cloud of color in early spring, especially if grown at water's edge. This short-lived perennial typically self-seeds in the garden, delightfully popping up here and there. They grow well in the wild with a large amount of rainfall.


Japanese Primrose

1 - japaneseprimrose Flowers That Love The Rain

Japanese primrose is a charming spring-blooming perennial that offers 18-inch-tall clusters of pink, white, magenta or red blooms on long flower stalks. It does best in cool-summer areas.


Swamp Milkweed

1 - swampmilkweed Flowers That Love The Rain

With a name like swamp milkweed, you know this plant loves wet soil. Happily, it will also grow in drier sites. Like its close cousin, orange butterfly weed, swamp milkweed attracts monarch and other butterflies.



1 - calla Flowers That Love The Rain

Graceful callas come in a dizzying array of colors from pink to white to orange, red, bronze, yellow, or maroon. The long-lasting flowers are excellent for cutting, and they add elegance to any bouquet. They often grow close to the ocean and love their surroundings to be damp.



1 - hydrangea Flowers That Love The Rain

One of the all-time favorite plants in the garden, hydrangea loves moisture. In fact, its name comes from the Latin term hydra, which means water. Whether you grow a mophead, lacecap, peegee, or oakleaf type, give your hydrangea plenty of moisture to keep it happy and blooming well.


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