Flowers and their scent

Discover your perfect flowers and their scent.

Many flowers aren't just recognised for their beauty but also their smell. It is often difficult to identify their smell but we are going to help you discover flowers and their scent with the keen nose of our expert florists. Struggling to decide what type of flower to pick? How about the one to suit your sense of smell?


Roses come in many shapes, sizes, and colours, from old garden roses to modern hybrid tea varieties. Their scent is one that's loved around the world, with rose oil being one of the most widely used ingredients in perfume. The Romans would use roses to scent rooms after bathing and we can see why!

Different varies do vary in scent, but they typically have a classic floral fragrance with notes of damask, apple and lemon. Red and pink roses have a more typically 'rosy' scent. Yellow and white roses tend to be more citrusy, whilst orange roses are more fruity. For all types, roses with denser petals will have a stronger scent.

British garden roses are some of the most fragrant roses. Some types have a scent reminiscent of pears and berries - perfect if you're into a sweet, fruity scent - whilst others have a more musky smell with hints of myrrh.


Like the rose there are many species of lilies, cultivated for different appearances and scents. Lilies are popular for their intense fragrance, and cut lilies will fill rooms with their scent.

Oriental lilies like those at Appleyard diffuse a sweet honey like perfume with a balsamic top note. The petals give off an almond and olive aroma.

If you're wanting to opt for something other than the classic rose, these are a beautiful alternative, symbolising purity and refined beauty.


Peonies are one of our favourite flowers, and they've got a fragrance to match their stunning blooms. The scent is a beautifully soft intertwining of jasmine, rose and gilly flower. This is similar to roses in some ways, but they're a little less peppery and a little sweeter.

With their huge ruffled blooms and heavenly scent, peonies definitely make a statement. Smell good, look good, what more could you want?


Bouvardias are sun lovers, just like most of us Brits (not that we get much!) Their blooms are intensely fragrant, easily filling a room with their delightful scent. The fragrance is sweet and fruity, and characterised by distinct jasmine tones with hints of rose and violet.

Fun fact, bouvardias symbolise enthusiasm - is this flower your perfect match? Well, if not, who cares, they're pretty! And they smell delicious of course.


Also known as gillyflowers, stocks have a spicy yet sweet fragrance, with delicate herbal tones. The scent is often described as being similar to cloves. The fragrance isn't too overpowering, meaning they're lovely for adding a natural aroma to your home.

They are also a lovely way to express your appreciation or say 'good luck' to a loved one, as they symbolise lasting beauty, contentment, and happiness in life.


Freesias are renowned for their gorgeous fragrance. These dainty blooms pack a fresh sweet and woody scent, with undertones of summer fruits, citrus, and spice. They add intoxicating scent to any bouquet, despite rarely being used as a focal point.

Flowers aren't just a beautiful decorative piece but also a natural way to scent your home. All bouquets and plants are available for next day delivery across the UK. At Appleyard we appreciate the beauty of flowers and we want to share our creations with you, don't miss out.

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