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  • 7 Floral Colour Combinations To Brighten Your Home

    Sumptuous, vibrant colours are one of the main reasons we purchase luxury flowers. They brighten our living room, complete our hallway and complement our kitchen. Whether they are red roses, blue lilies, peach germini or  a combination of all 3, colours complement each other in a bouquet with the foundation’s pre-laid by deep green stems. We have hand picked 7 bouquets that will add colour, essence and luxury to your home.

    Here are our 7 floral colour combinations to brighten your home:

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  • 6 Bouquets Your Grandparents Will Love!


    Our parents loved their grandparents and their parents loved their grandparents and of course, we love our grandparents! Sunday the 5th of October celebrates our Grandparents and all they do for us whether it is a parent or child reading this. They are there for us when we are in need, they give us great advice as they have been there, done that and got the t-shirt and no matter how hard you try, you cannot get the secret family recipe quite like their's. Sometimes, we do not get chance to show our deep, heartfelt appreciation to our grandmothers and grandfathers but this year, you can!


    Here are 6 of our most loving, heartfelt bouquets that will show your sincere gratitude to your Grandparents. Treat them to a luxury bouquet from our Grandparents Day Flowers range and spoil them rotten.

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  • 3 Simple Tips To Keep Your Orchids Alive.


    At Appleyard London, we are always looking for new and innovative methods to give to our following in order to prolong the life of your luxury flowers. In this blog post, we will be looking at the luxurious flowers, orchids!

    Orchids are such a beautiful flower and populate many gardens due to our affinity for and desire to showcase them. There are over 25000 species of orchids currently on record, with scientists predicting many more in tropical areas. Before we get started on our tips to prolong a beautiful, delicate orchid’s lifespan, here are a few facts:

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  • Malvern Autumn Show


    An historic event welcomes us this weekend in Malvern, Worcestershire with the Three Countries Agricultural Society. The annual event is the third and final event in the Three Countries calendar and welcomes thousands of people, of course it is the Malvern Autumn Show.

    This weekend people from all over the UK will head to Malvern in order to celebrate good food, the countryside, gardening and nostalgia in an action packed event for all the family.

    At Appleyard London, we are interested in all things cultivated, whether it is flowers, plants, food, even horticulture or the countryside. Therefore we wanted to tell our readers all about the Malvern Autumn Show. We hope you enjoy our feature:

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  • Our Top 7 Jewish New Year Flowers

    The Jewish New Year is almost upon us! This 24th September marks the dawn of a New Year which will see the Jewish population unite to reminisce, rejoice and embark on a new chapter

    Following our previous blog post - '7 Facts About the Jewish New Year', we have now picked out our top 7 Jewish New Year flower bouquets (staying with the  number 7 theme!). Take a read, we hope you like them!

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  • 7 Facts for the Jewish New Year


    With the Jewish New Year fast approaching this September 24th, we felt some fun and interesting facts about the holiday would help get you in the mood.

    The Jewish New Year is not celebrated quite like the Western world with alcohol and midnight parades. For the Jewish Religion, it is a time for introspection with the banishing of any mistakes made that year. Additionally, the planning for the New Year begins, considering any challenges that may await.

    So lets get started. The number 7 to Judaism signals creation, good fortune and blessing. The bible is replete with things grouped in sevens; for instance, on the seventh day there are seven laws of Noah and seven Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Also, many Jewish holidays are seven days long and priestly ordination also takes seven days and this is just to name a few. OK one more, the Menorah in the Temple has seven branches.

    With number 7 proving highly significant, we have put together 7 fun and intriguing facts about the Jewish New Year! We hope you can take something from them!

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  • Interior Trends To Look Out For This Autumn

    Unfortunately, as much as we don't want to say it, summer is coming to an end [*wipes away tear*].

    The nights are drawing in, we are no longer greeted with a stunning blue sky when we open the curtains in the morning and you can no longer spend your Saturday's lazing on the common with nothing but a blanket, a book and a punnet of strawberries.

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  • Our Top 6 Autumn Picks

    With the Autumn season upon us, we have picked out our top 6 Autumn picks for the beautiful Autumn flowers range. See what we have had to say about each of our luxury flower bouquets.

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  • Best Bulbs For Autumn Planting

    It’s that time of year again. September has rolled around and its time to start about what sort of bulbs you are going to plant this autumn.

    For us, bulbs are the most satisfying types of plant. It’s extraordinary how something so small and shrivelled can produce something so stunningly beautiful. There are a range of bulbs to choose from for autumn planting, but the rule of thumb is to choose spring and hardy summer-flowering bulbs throughout the autumnal season.

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  • Our Next Day Delivery Cut Off Point Now Extended To 7PM!

    As of this week, our highly valued customers will be able to order their luxury flowers bouquets up until 7 o'clock that evening for next day flowers delivery*.

    This follows the previous cut off of 4pm, giving you an extra 3 hours to select your sumptuous bouquet for that someone special.

    Therefore, you can take your time getting home from work before cooking the kids their tea and enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, meanwhile, all the time knowing you can still order a luxury bouquet for any occasion which will be delivered the following day.

    Here’s an example of how the 7pm cut off point will benefit you:

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