Looking for help to bring your blooms back to life? If your flowers have arrived and you think they need a bit of care and attention, we have answered some of the most popular flower queries below.


Droopy Flowers  

Tired Looking Roses?

If your bouquet has arrived and you think it could do with a helping hand, the roses are probably just a little dehydrated from being in the box.

As soon as you can, cut around 2-3cm off the stems at an angle and place into some lukewarm water, in your chosen vase. Remember the shorter the stem, the quicker the rose can absorb the water to re-hydrate.

After a couple of days, your roses will start to open up beautifully. Roses hydrate better in deeper water. Be careful not to place too many stems in your vase, the roses need enough room to open up.


Flowers In Bud?

We choose to send certain stems in bud to prolong their vase-life once they have been delivered, meaning you can enjoy your flowers for longer. Some stems include: Lilies, Alstroemeria, Freesia & Eustoma.

Trim the stems down and add to water as soon as you can. Cut 2-3cm off the stems at an angle and place in your chosen vase with the rest of the stems. After a day or two you should see them start to open up and bloom beautifully.

  Flowers In Bud
Roses Look Smaller  

Roses Look Smaller?

Are your roses looking a little smaller than usual? It can take a couple of days before our roses start to fully bloom. This requires patience and a little TLC. (Please note that certain varieties of roses are naturally smaller than others)

Follow the usual care tips and trim stems at an angle, plunge them into some lukewarm water. After a few days the roses should open up beautifully and you can enjoy your flowers in bloom for up to 7 days.