Traditional Wedding Flowers

Traditional Wedding Flowers - Find the perfect blooms for your big day.

Wedding season is almost here and we know that all of you beautiful brides to be will be busy with your planning. Flowers are a big part of the day and can take a reasonably large chunk out of the wedding budget so it's important to find beautiful blooms to suit your wedding day and it's theme. To help you get started let's talk about traditional wedding flowers. There are many to choose from and you can pick the flower and colour to suit you and your wedding. The below blooms have been featured in fabulous weddings since the beginning of time and continue to be the focal points of our weddings today.

traditional wedding flowers


Hydrangeas are a beautiful cloud like flower and are a lovely way of filling out any arrangement. They come in many colours and with so many varieties available you are sure to find one to suit your colour scheme or wedding style. It is also great to know that during the summer months hydrangeas are relatively inexpensive which is definitely helpful when it comes to being efficient with your budget. Not only this but as the head of the flower is large you need fewer stems. Combine this beautiful bloom with baby's breath to create a classic and elegant arrangement or add your wedding colours to tailor your blooms to you. View our hydrangea bouquets here.

traditional wedding flowers


Roses are a classic flower for weddings and are so versatile, you can have a simple rose bouquet or combine them with other blooms to create a unique arrangement. There are many varieties, for a fun summery arrangement garden roses are the perfect flower, with their peony-like appearance they are a fun and flirty flower that are available in beautiful hues and can be combined with other stems to create the perfect bouquet for you. For a classic feel opt for Rhodos Roses, they are luxurious and elegant, perfect for a wedding bouquet. View our Rose bouquets here.

traditional wedding flowers

Calla Lilies 

Calla  Lilies create an added feel of luxury to your wedding. Although this is a traditional wedding flower it still adds a unique modern edge to any arrangement due to the structured sleek appearance of the flower. They signify beauty making them a wonderful addition to your day and are available pretty much all year round, this means the bloom will be available no matter what date your wedding is.

traditional wedding flowers


We love peonies, our customers go wild for these stunning blooms and we can see why. With soft ruffled petals, they embody romance and they make a beautiful statement. You can blend colours of pale and bright pinks with creams to create your suited look. For a romantic feel opt for paler pinks with creams, this will give a subtle amount of colour to accent your dress or table settings. For something a little more fun you can combine bright pink peonies with other coloured blooms, this will add a fabulous pop of colour to your wedding. View our Peony bouquets here.

traditional wedding flowers

Baby's Breath (Gypsophila)

Although once used as a bouquet filler this is now commonly used on its own. This traditional bloom is airy and delicate yet long lasting and adds a beautiful rustic feel to your wedding. You can pair this with another flower or colour to create a larger bouquet or you can also keep it simple and elegant by using Baby's Breath alone, it makes such an impact on your big day as well as saving the pennies. It is very versatile, add your ribbon, lace or twine of choice to incorporate this bloom perfectly into your wedding style.


traditional wedding flowers


Tulips are the perfect bloom for a Spring wedding. They exude the season and with so many colour varieties available you can match them to your wedding theme. Tulips are known for their meaning of 'perfect love', what could be more suited to such a romantic occasion? Combine them with different blooms to create a unique arrangement or for a classic feel opt for a simple tulip bouquet.


There you have it! That's our list of traditional wedding flowers. Have you found the perfect one to incorporate into your big day? What are your flowers of choice? We'd love to hear about it! Although the above flowers are considered traditional they are in no way outdated and can be incorporated beautifully into your day, be that with a traditional vibe or modern edge, tailor your arrangements to suit you.

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