Spruce Up Your Living Room After Christmas

After Christmas we all have to go back to work and take down our lovely Christmas decorations. We have a few ideas how to spruce up your house and living area after the festivities!

As we try to battle the 'after Christmas blues' we can find it hard to get back into the swing of things. This year Christmas and New Year fell on Friday which meant a lot of time off work for Monday to Friday workers.

It's time to begin dieting after the Christmas food binge and saddest of all, take down all the Christmas decorations.

Here at Appleyard London, we believe it's good to surround yourself and your home with beautiful things. Not only has it been scientifically proven that improving your surroundings brightens your mood but it's a perfect way to combat your January blues.

1. Fresh flowers

home2 After Christmas

Flowers have been scientifically proven to improve our mood. We recommend keeping fresh flowers in your home. Especially during the dreary winter months!

2. Scented candles and room defusers

home1 After Christmas

Returning home from work on a cold and rainy day to be greeted by a gorgeous aroma is exactly what you need in your home! Be sure to fill all the rooms and hallways with lovely fragrances using room defusers and scented candles!

3. Plants

home3 After Christmas

A great way to bring some life to a room is to add plants! As you will know, they give oxygen back to a room! All you need to remember is to water and neuter it and it will look after you too.

4. Potpourri

after christmas

If you're missing the aromas that your Christmas Tree emanates, potpourri will bring some lovely scents back into your home. There are many options for your potpourri, such as leaves, oranges, acorns and flowers, that have classic rustic charm. You can even indulge in some crafting and make it yourself!

5. Paint

after christmas

Although this may not be one of the easiest ways to spruce up your living room after Christmas, it will definitely bring new life into the room and push those winter blues away. Choose a colour pallet like this that resembles the winter months but could easily transition into spring with a pop of colour.

Why not order some luxury hand-tied flowers from Appleyardflowers.com to brighten your home and beat the January blues!

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