The Meanings Of Roses By Colour

In the language of flowers, each rose symbolises a different meaning, a different message and a different thought.

Appleyard London offer a wide range of luxury flower bouquets filled with roses including much loved varieties like Avalanche and Miss Piggy. From ruby reds to classic whites, all of our roses are delicate and vibrant, with a beautiful fragrance.

But a question which often goes unanswered when you receive a bouquet is what does each coloured rose symbolise? In the language of flowers, each rose symbolises a different meaning, a different message and a different thought. Today, we take a look at the meaning of roses by colour.

Take a look at our handy infographic below for a quick breakdown of the meanings, or keep reading for more information about each colour.

A chart of rose colour meanings: White roses - sympathy. Yellow roses - friendship and joy. Light Pink roses - admiration. Lavender roses - enchantment. Dark Pink roses - gratitude. Red roses - true love.

What do red roses symbolise?

We have all heard the roses are red poems. But what does the red rose actually symbolise? A popular choice for Valentine's Day and anniversaries, the red rose symbolises love and affection, communicating romance and an abiding love. A bunch of velvety red roses is a timeless way to say "I love you".

What do pink roses symbolise?

A pink rose is a classic symbol of grace and elegance and is often given as a token of admiration and appreciation. The meaning can vary slightly depending on the shade of pink - light pink roses signify happiness, and grace, whilst dark pink roses symbolise and gratitude.

These different meanings make pink roses a versatile flower, perfect for all sorts of occasions. We love them for Mother's Day, birthdays, and as thank you gifts.

What do yellow roses symbolise?

In the language of flowers, cheerful yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and optimism, exuding joy and happiness. They're a lovely way to say happy birthday, congratulations, or thank you to a friend.

Equally, these happy flowers can make a wonderful pick-me-up, and are perfect for loved ones who need cheering up. They'll be much appreciated as part of a get well soon bouquet.

What do white roses symbolise?

The white rose is deceptive in its simplicity, embodying a wide range of meanings. For instance, white roses are commonly seen in bridal bouquets, as they are associated with purity, innocence, and eternal love.

On the flipside of the coin, white roses are regularly part of sympathy bouquets, conveying peace and reverence.

What do green roses symbolise?

Green roses symbolise life, growth, energy, and renewal. The green rose signifies a constant rejuvenation of spirit which brings positivity and productivity to the recipient.

What do orange roses symbolise?

With their fiery petals, bright orange roses symbolise intense, active concepts including desire, enthusiasm, and energy. They're a great way to wish someone luck or say congratulations.

What do salmon roses symbolise?

Sitting on the border between orange and pink in terms of colour, salmon roses keep the meaning of orange - enthusiasm, desire and pure excitement.

What do peach roses symbolise?

With their softer and delicate colour, peach roses have a gentler meaning than brighter orange roses. They symbolise sincerity and gratitude, making them the perfect way to say thank you.

Is there someone who has influenced your life in some way and you want to show your appreciation? Then a beautiful bouquet of peach roses is the right arrangement for you.

What do cream roses symbolise?

Cream roses symbolise charm and thoughtfulness. They're ideal for friends or family members going through tough times, letting them know you're thinking about them.

What do black roses mean?

Deeper and darker, black roses send a message of sorrow and farewell. However, this meaning can also be interpreted in a more positive way - for example, to signify the beginning of a new journey or time, confirming the past is the past.

What do lavender roses symbolise?

Lavender roses have a message not dissimilar to that of the red rose, signifying enchantment and love at first sight. For anyone bored of red roses, lavender roses are thoughtful and romantic alternative. They're also much rarer, so these charming blooms are sure to wow someone special.

What do blue roses symbolise?

By far the most elusive rose, blue roses don't exist naturally. Scientists have tried to genetically engineer blue roses, but the most successful attempt produced mauve or lilac blooms. Don't fret if you love blue though - blue roses can still be created, but by dyeing white roses.

But what do blue roses mean? Perhaps unsurprisingly, blue roses have developed the meaning of mystery, conveying an appreciation for the inexplicable and enigmatic.

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