The Meanings Of Roses By Colour



Appleyard London offer a wide range of luxury flower bouquets filled with roses including sweet, avalanche and Miss Piggy. From ruby reds to classic whites, our roses are delicate, vibrant and emit a sweet rose essence. But a question which often goes unanswered when you receive a bouquet is “what does each coloured rose symbolise? In the language of flowers, each rose symbolises a different meaning, a different message and a different thought. Today, we take a look at the meaning of roses by colour:


Red – We have all heard the Roses are red poems. But what does red symbolise? Often found on Valentines Day, the red rose says love and affection with romance and an abiding love. Often bought for a partner to say I love you. For the males out there wanting to tell their partners how much they love them, take a look at our – Red Radiant Rose bouquet.



Pink –  A pink rose is a classic symbol of grace and elegance and is often given as a token of admiration and appreciation. Available in dark and lighter pinks but regardless of the shade, this vibrant roses create a sumptuous bouquet.



Yellow and Gold – Joy and happiness comes with a yellow rose. For a lifelong friend who deserves the warmth of yellow roses, gift them the joy and unbridled cheerfulness that has become a pleasant feature of the colour. Which friend deserves a bunch of yellow roses?



Green – Green roses symbol life, life that is growing with a constant energy and renewal of drive. The green rose signifies a constant rejuvenation of spirit which brings positivity and productivity to the recipient.



Salmon – A Salmon rose brings a slightly darker shade of orange with a hint of peach. The message with salmon is simply, enthusiasm, desire and pure excitement. Which occasion in your schedule deserves a Salmon rose?



Peach – Peach roses are the perfect thank you and a sign of gratification. Is there someone who has influenced your life in some way and you want to show your appreciation? Then a beautiful bouquet of peach roses is the right arrangement for you.



Cream – Is there a special friend or loved family member going through a tough time? A cream rose lets them know you are thinking about them. Charm and thoughtfulness are the language of cream roses.



Black – A deeper, darker rose in the black rose. The message the blacks send is of sorrow and farewell. Black roses can be the start of a new beginning to a new journey or time, confirming the past is the past. Say farewell with a black rose.



Orange – Vibrant, bright and always delicate. Orange roses symbol desire, a desire to achieve something like a craving or a lust. Orange roses symbol the idea to indicate enthusiasm to chase a desire, evoking energy to achieve. Check out our Clementine Rose bouquet from our Luxury Roses range.



White – Often used for brides’ bouquets, the purity and innocence associated with the white rose sends humility, heaven & honour. Clean and classy white send an innocent, new beginning and clean slate message.



Lavender – A similar message to a red rose but with lavender roses, the love is of first sight. To the people out there wanting to impress their partners, gift them a lavender rose and express the meaning, then wait for them to work out the underlying message of ‘love at first sight’. Take a look at our Lavender Rose bouquet.



Blue – How beautiful are deep blue roses? They are great to look at and add so much colour to a bouquet. But what does the blue mean? Over time, blue has developed the meaning of mystery. An appreciation for the inexplicable and enigmatic.


Thank you for taking the time to read ‘The Meaning Of Roses By Colour’ by Appleyard London. For more luxury roses, visit and order a luxury bouquet for next day flower delivery.

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