5 Tips To Keep Your Flowers Fresh


When it comes to flowers, we all love a delicate, vibrant bunch of luxury blooms! Whether it is roses, lilies or tulips, a top class bouquet is always a treat. Whilst receiving flowers brightens our day and provides us with a smile throughout the week, we all wish we had flowers all year round.

Now the lifespan of a bouquet is around 5 – 7 days, depending on the company and supplier – whilst at Appleyard London, we guarantee 7 days freshness! Now, as we have said, we all love flowers and we want them in our lives; the longer the better! Therefore, Appleyard London have put together 5 tips to keep your flowers fresh! Give them a try and see if they work for you:


1)      Add a fizzy drink to the water – A quarter of a can is sufficient as the sugars' carbohydrates feeds the stems! Additionally, if you have a clear vase, add a clear sugary drink to the water to avoid discolouring the water. (Not like the image shown)



2)      Chop the stem each day with a knife – knives are often sharper than scissors which can actually crush the stem whilst trying to cut through the stem’s foundation. By ensuring the stem is shorter daily, water and valuable nutrients arrive at the petal head consistently quicker due to the shorter journey.



3)      Ensure minimal bacteria and sufficient nutrients – before your luxury flowers are places in the vase, wash the vase with hot soapy water to wash out any potentially damaging bacteria. Kill those micro-organisms and don’t put your flower in danger! Also, don’t be afraid to add new flower food when you replace the water!



4)      Provide your flowers with a mist – imagine naturally growing flowers in the garden, when the rain falls the entire flower including the steam, petal head and roots get some moisture. Therefore, spray your blooms with water and give the petal head more of a drink.



5)      Ensure the vase is big enough – a large, plush bouquet will begin to wilt if it is cramped into a vase which is too small. Ensure the bouquets’ flowers have enough space to breath whilst ensuring your bouquet looks beautiful!



We hope these 5 tips will help you in preserving your luxury flowers! Please feel free to contact us via Twitter or Facebook to let us know if these tips worked for you. Find us at @appleyardlondon or search ‘Appleyard London’ on Facebook.

However, if you find yourself without a luxury bouquet and you would like to put these methods to the test, visit our website – www.appleyardflowers.com and order yourself a little luxury for next day flower delivery!


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