Valentine's Day Rose Guide


Our beautiful bouquets of Valentine's roses have been arranged by hand to make stunning gifts for your loved one. Send a loved one a beautiful bouquet of red roses this Valentine's Day.





Red Roses  

1. Roses Arrive Semi-Bloomed

Your roses will arrive in a semi-bloomed form, straight from the grower so they can last longer. Please allow time for your roses to open up.

Day 1


Day 4

Naomi Rose - Day 1   Naomi Rose - Day 4

2. Clean & Fill Vase With Water

Roses like lots of water. Fill your chosen vase half way with clean, room temperature water (this should help them to absorb the water quickly) and add the flower food provided.

3. Remove All Packaging

Unpack your bouquet from the packaging and remove any wrapping. Leave the binding tie on your bouquet, this will help to form a better shape when you add the stems to the vase. Cut 2-3cm off the end of each stem at a 45 degree angle, and carefully place into your vase.

4. Place Your Vase

For your bouquet to stand proudly on show, place your vase away from any heat (e.g. radiators), fruit or direct sunlight.

5. Guard Petals

Your roses will arrive with guard petals, which are the outer petal of the rose. They may look discoloured and crinkled, however these are a natural part of the rose. Once your roses open up, these will tuck away nicely at the back of the rose head and barely be noticeable.

If you do wish to remove the guard petals, gently pull the guard petals upwards and outwards to remove. Ensure you remove only the outer petals, as removing any inner petals will prevent your roses from opening properly.

Guard Petals   Guard Petals







Petite, bright red sweetheart roses with a delicate & classically romantic look.

Approx head size: Small



Velvety scarlet roses with beautiful rounded

Approx head size: Medium




Medium sized dark red roses with attractive textured petals.

Approx head size: Medium


Calypso Roses
Furiosa Roses
Upperclass Roses




Luxurious and large headed crimson coloured roses with dense petals.

Approx head size: Large


Ever Red

Our finest red roses, with large rose heads, beautifully defined petals and exceptional colour.

Approx head size: Large

Freedom Roses
Duchess Roses


Duchess Roses  

Valentine's Red Roses

When it comes to the most romantic day of the year, we know all about it. A traditional red rose bouquet is the perfect way to say 'I Love You' this Valentine's Day, as the red rose is such an iconic symbol of love, romance, and passion. That being said, we have a number of red rose bouquets to choose from, featuring different types of rose. The demand for red roses for Valentine's Day is ever-increasing, so we've created a simple guide to help you choose the right rose bouquet.

Our bouquets vary by price, origin, size and quality. Generally the higher priced bouquets will be our very best roses, included in our arrangements to make a lasting impression.


How the Red Rose Became the Ultimate Symbol of Love

The red rose is a timeless symbol of romance, and a classic Valentine’s gift. Ever wondered why? We took a brief stroll through the history books to find out.

  Duchess Roses
Rose Quality & Care  

Rose Quality

Our Valentine's Day roses are proven to stand the test of time. We know because we've vase tested them for quality and freshness. By purchasing a rose bouquet for your loved one from Appleyard London, you're not just sending a bouquet of flowers, you're sending a box of luxury.

We ensure all of our roses are long-lasting, well looked after and grown to stay fresh in their packaging whilst on their way to the recipient.