Malvern Autumn Show


An historic event welcomes us this weekend in Malvern, Worcestershire with the Three Countries Agricultural Society. The annual event is the third and final event in the Three Countries calendar and welcomes thousands of people, of course it is the Malvern Autumn Show.

This weekend people from all over the UK will head to Malvern in order to celebrate good food, the countryside, gardening and nostalgia in an action packed event for all the family.

At Appleyard London, we are interested in all things cultivated, whether it is flowers, plants, food, even horticulture or the countryside. Therefore we wanted to tell our readers all about the Malvern Autumn Show. We hope you enjoy our feature:


So for those who don’t know, what is it?

The Malvern Autumn Show is a 2 day event, designed to celebrate good local food, the countryside, gardening and nostalgia. The event is organised by Three Countries and runs as 1 of 3 annual events. The first is the RHS Malvern Spring Festival which runs from the 8th to the 11th of May. Then, a month later, the Royal Three Counties Show takes place over the 13th to 15th. Following these, the Malvern Autumn Show takes place which hosts a range of cookery demonstrations, gardening talks, vegetable displays, vintage produce and so much more. It truly is an event for all the family.


Where did it all begin? A brief history!

In 1974, a book called ‘General Views On Agriculture in the County of Hereford’ observed that there were no forms of agricultural society in the county of Herefordshire. Written by John Clerk of Builth, his book led to the formation of the Herefordshire Agriculture society established in 1797, which is now known as the Three Countries Agricultural Society.

The first show took place in 1798 in the streets of Hereford. Membership at this time was of 100 people and 3 silver goblets were awarded as prizes for different agricultural aspects. The first Show to be staged at Malvern, was in 1890. There were no Shows in 1917 and 1918, owing to World War 1. As time elapsed, the annual event moved from place to place before settling at the Showground in 1958, where her majesty Queen Elizabeth honoured the event with her presence.




Who, What, Where, When and Why?

The Three Countries Agricultural Society is a registered charity working for rural industry, the environment and countryside life - Who?

The message - Committed to supporting farmers, growers and horticulturists in the region and developing understanding between urban and rural communities – What and Why?

The show runs every year from the 27th – 28th of September. Held in Malvern, Worcestershire - When and Where?


What is on this 2014?

This year, the Malvern Autumn Show has a whole host of activities, shows and events on throughout the weekend to keep people of all ages entertained.

Grow It - Take inspiration from the big feature gardens on display or head over to the experts at the UK National Giant Vegetable Championships to find out how to grow your very own monster vegetables.

Experience It - From dog agility and aeroplane stunt shows to poultry competitions, fun for all the family.

Harvest It - It's the time of year when home grown fruits, such as apples, pears and damsons, are ready to be collected. It's the perfect excuse to show off British produce!

Ann’s Malvern Jotter - Ann is an experienced journalist and has visited the show for the past 6 years, writing about her visits for a number of magazines and her personal blog. She will be posting her thoughts on social media over the weekend.

Relive It – Remember all things now vintage, including the Vintage Village, vehicles, forestry, forgotten skills, country pursuits marquee and the Old Tyme Fairground.

Taste It – Some of Britain’s finest fresh catering will be of offer including cheeses, drinks, delicatessen and pastries. A locally constructed food theatre will boast a Local Food Producers Market.

Shopping -

Food and Drink Pavilion - This specialised pavilion incorporates a variety of food producers along with a food court offering a range of foods from regional, national and international areas.

Plant Shop - Discover a whole new garden, with new plants, new flowers and new ideas for your crop.

Countryside Shopping Pavilion - Home comforts centre as often referred to, boasting original artwork, jewellery and all things designer.

Guild of Crafts and handmade arts are the order of the day - with the exhibition boasting independent craftsmanship from Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.




How Can I get Involved?

So now you’re interested, let us explain how you can get involved. The first of two ways is individual tickets. Contact Three Counties on 01684584924 or email [email protected] or alternatively, visit their website: to secure your place!

The second method involves so much more. Why not become a member of the Three Countries Agriculture Society? This entitles you to:

  • * FREE Show Entry (All 3 events.)
  • * Simply visit their website to subscribe to their membership policy!
  • * VIP Parking
  • * Members VIP Areas at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival, Royal Three Counties Show and Malvern Autumn Show
  • * Most importantly save some money
  • * Simply visit the website provided above for a subscription form!




Autumn Show Break Maybe?

Why don’t you take some time off, relax, take the stress off yourself and turn the Autumn Show into an Autumn Break? Enjoy a 10 night stay and 2 fantastic Malvern Shows. The special package costs just £150 and includes 10 nights’ camping/pitch (27th September to 6th October) with entry to the Malvern Caravan. See the website below for further details!



You can contact the people who organise the Malvern Autumn Show in a whole host of ways:

Website -

Facebook -

Twitter -

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