Bonfire Safety

Celebrating Guy Fawkes in style. Keep your family safe this 5th November


At Appleyard London the 5th of November is one of our favourite times of year. We love spending time with our family and friends keeping cosy by the bonfire and watching the beauty of the fireworks. Bonfire night celebrates the failed attempt of Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of parliament some 410 years ago.

Although this is a fun occasion for all, we must always remember to take care and be safe. Here is our guide to bonfire safety!


SPARKLER bonfire safety



1. Sparkler Safety

Always handle sparklers with care and only ever around an adult. Although they are small, sparklers are still fireworks and can cause very nasty burns. If three sparklers are burned together they can reach the temperature of a blowtorch, a heat able to melt metal! To ensure maximum bonfire safety always:

-       Wear gloves

-       Stand far away from bonfires and fireworks while using the sparklers are alight

-       Put the sparkler out in a bucket of water when finished



sparkler glove bonfire safety



2. Firework Safety

Fireworks are often the highlight of the night with much excitement and beauty.

However, they can also be extremely dangerous if they are not handled with extreme care. Following these quick tips can help keep you with bonfire safety:

-       Always have a ‘firework zone’ for lighting the fireworks and ‘safety zone’ for spectators to stand. This should be a suitable distance (around 50ft) away. The larger the firework the farther the safety distance should be.

-       Never stand near or hold the fireworks after they have been set alight.

-       Always check the class of the fireworks as a trained professional may have to handle them. Never light the firework if this is the case.



FIREWORKS bonfire safety



3. Bonfire Safety

Keeping toasty warm around a bonfire with family and friends is the main part of the celebration. As fire can be unpredictable it’s important to always keep watch of the bonfire. To keep good bonfire safety you should:

-       Never leave the bonfire unattended as fire may spread.

-       Never put any flammable liquids or used fireworks on the fire.

-       Always put the fire out at the end of the night or if the fire becomes out of control call the fire department.

-       Keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of emergency



bonfire safety



4. Food and Drink Safety

Toasted marshmallows and s'mores can be a tasty bonfire night treat, however you should always be careful when going near fire and always do this with an adult!



marshmallow bonfire safety


When enjoying a classic hot toddy or a hot spiced apple cider always remember to drink responsibly! To ensure maximum bonfire safety, find an alternative to a classic drink with our timeless hot toddy bouquet instead! Bursting with warmth and colour.



hot toddy bonfire safety


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