5 Flowers And Plants To Attract Good Luck


Today is Saint Patrick's Day and I guess you can say it is associated with all things lovely and Irish, some of which bring good luck! We wanted to stay with the theme and find out what are the best flowers and plants to attract good luck that you can keep in your garden or homes.

The tales of leprechauns in Irish folklore says they like to bury their gold and riches at the end of rainbows. Not forgetting the lucky four leaf clover! The clover is the national symbol of Ireland and usually has 3 leaves. If you search long and hard enough to find a four leaf clover or a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow, you may be granted a wish!

To try and bring some prosperity into your life, we have listed the best of 5 flowers and plants to attract good luck, love, friendship and money into the home and garden. All these plants and flowers are easy to care for so take note and who knows how lucky you will be!


1. Lucky Bamboo


Bamboo Flowers And Plants To Attract Good Luck


Lucky Bamboo (dracaena sanderiana) is a popular plant with a reputation for attracting health, wealth, happiness, and love. The luck that is associated with bamboo comes from the the number of stalks, and this determines the kinds of energy the plant attracts into your home and life. The more stalks in the plant, the greater the blessing of good fortune and luck. Some say that when you place bamboo in your home, you are inviting in the soul or the spirit of the bamboo. It is cost efficient and easy to care for!

2. Morning Glory


MoringGlory Flowers And Plants To Attract Good Luck


Morning glories in the garden are said to bring peace and happiness and its seeds under your pillow encourage restful sleep free of nightmares. These pretty summer flowers open their prolific bell-shaped blooms in the early morning before the summer’s midday heat, so it’s not surprisingly they have earned their reputation for helping to brighten your day. Red Indians used to make a tea made from the leaves which is said to cure headaches and indigestion too.


3. Peace Lily


PeaceLily Flowers And Plants To Attract Good Luck


Peace lilies get their name from the white leaf at the top that resembles a white flag waving in surrender. They remind us to let go of the stress that can build up in our day when the pressures of jobs and family mount. Peace lilies are great for offices to create a sense of calm during a hectic day or in bedrooms to provide a sense of tranquility and restful sleep. As a gift, peace lilies are a sign of good will. Their glossy spiked leaves speed of the flow of good energy in your home, particularly in narrow hallways or small doorways.


4. Sweet Peas


SweetPeas Flowers And Plants To Attract Good Luck


Sweet Pea is a climbing plant said to grow from 6 to 9 ft tall. Planting sweet peas in your garden attracts new friendships and give you courage, which you might need to approach that certain someone you’ve had your eye on. If you carry the flowers it is said they will help you to tell the truth at all times and if you wear them it will give you additional physical and spiritual strength.


5. Sunflower


SunFlower Flowers And Plants To Attract Good Luck


Sunflowers are known for their loving devotion because they follow the sun. Planting them in your garden will not only brighten your view but it brings good luck and fills your home with a profound sense of safety and protection. Eating sunflower seeds is said to increase fertility as well as bring good luck and sleeping with the seeds under your pillow will ensure you always know the truth and not lied to.


StPatricksDay Flowers And Plants To Attract Good Luck


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