10 Spooky Halloween Flowers

Happy Halloween to all of our followers!

Whether you are going trick or treating as a witch or a White Walker we're sure you'll look terrifying for the spooky occasion.

To welcome the witching hour, we have picked out 10 spine-tingling, breath-taking, word-stopping flowers that are certain to make you think whether flowers are naughty or nice.

You may want to grab a cushion to hide behind:

Glow in the Dark Roses

When you think of roses you think of love and romance. But when the lights go out, these naturally white roses come to life with a bright green glow that is certain to give you the spooks!

If you're wondering how it works, these roses are covered with a glow coating that absorbs light, and then emits it when the lights go out.

Corpse Lily

Otherwise known as Rafflesia Arnoldii, these flowers produce the largest single flowers in the world, reaching a diameter of around 1 metre. They produce a very strong deathly odour, hence their less than flattering name. Incidentally, their unappealing odour does serve a purpose - the awful smell attracts their pollinators, flies and beetles.

Fortunately, you're unlikely to run into this flower whilst taking a walk in your local park - they are rare, and are only found deep in the rainforests of Indonesia.

Photo by shankar s. / CC BY

Torch Ginger

Despite its slightly intimidating and somewhat alien like appearance, torch ginger is highly prized in cooking, and is commonly added to curries and soups.


Perfect for a show-piece scare! With sharp, shark-life teeth along the stems and petals, this bromeliad-family flower is deep, dark, and mysterious. This plant is native to Brazil, and can survive for long periods without water.

White Banesberry: Doll's Eye Plant

Try not to make eye contact! White Banesberry is renowned for producing creepy looking berries resembling eyeballs on stalks. There's good reason to fear this plant too - the entire plant is highly toxic to humans, causing cardiac arrest and eventually death.

Photo by Weloganite / CC BY

Queen of the Night: Black Tulips

‘Queen of the Night’ fears nothing. It is delicately poised with a perfumed essence. You are more likely to smell it before you see it. The darkest tulip on the market shows we all have a dark side, with its enigmatic petals of deep aubergine purple.

Tulips of this colour do not appear naturally, and were the result of years of cross-breeding and experimentation. Even today, they are relatively rare compared to other colours.

Tacca Chantrieri

Known as the Black Bat Flower, this plant is part of the yam family. It looks a bit like a bat in flight, with its long tendrils enhancing its creepy appearance. Other names for this plant include Tiger's Whiskers, and the Devil Flower.


Whatever you do, don't get too close to this alien-like plant - its pungent 'fragrance' (said to resemble rotting meat), will probably knock you out! Resembling an extraterrestrial starfish, this hairy plant is a succulent, and uses its odour to attract pollinators such as bloat flies.

Photo by Roland zh / CC BY


Danger and blood are all traditional features of Halloween. This Japanese blood grass (we realise this isn't a flower) begins life a lush shade of green before growing blood like tips in the Autumn.

Nepenthes: Tropical Pitcher Plants 

These ‘monkey cups’ grow in poor nutrient soils, finding their nutrients by catching insects and humans. (OK maybe the last bit is false!) As carnivorous plants, they produce a sweet syrup that entices their prey, only then to trap and dissolve it. There are over 100 species of pitcher plant, and the larger varieties in genus have even been known to capture small birds, lizards, and rodents. 

On a slightly cuter note, they've got their name from the fact monkeys have been seen drinking water from them! 

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 scary flowers for this Halloween! We wish all of our readers, customers and followers a Happy Halloween. If you need to look at some luxury flowers to remind yourselves that flowers can be gorgeous with a heavenly essence, treat yourself to a bouquet for next day flower delivery. Stay safe and don’t get scared!

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