Artificial Plants

Luxury Artificial Plants Delivered

Stunning artificial plants to accessorise your home. Artificial plants made from real silk are a great way to bring your home to life, without the need to worry about watering or wilting.

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Artificial Plants from Appleyard London

Artificial flowers and plants from Appleyard London can be a beautiful addition to your home or the perfect long lasting gift.

Artificial plants arrive essentially ready to use; they just need to be placed in whatever location you feel looks perfect for your home.

Not even low maintenance; no maintenance! Artificial plants require no special lighting, no special looking after and absolutely no supplements. This means that artificial flowers and plants make for the perfect gift for someone who is unable to care for live plants or flowers.

Because these artificial plants have no requirements, you can place them any way you want. You can pick any size plant or any type because they are primarily chosen for appearance; you can safely place an artificial plant in bright sun, in the dark, in a cold or warm place, anywhere you like!

Our gorgeous artificial plants are available for delivery throughout the UK.