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just for march...

secret garden

Bring the garden inside with this heavenly bouquet of sweet avalanche roses, antique carnations, delicate alstroemeria & soft pink sugar flair hypericum berries.


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Secret Garden


Lauren Probert Florist


head florist & product design
appleyard london

"I love this unique design as it shows off the beautiful pink stems, a perfect gift for any occasion."

lauren's story

what stems are in the mix?

Sweet Avalanche Rose, Antique Carnation, Pink Alstroemeria, White Phlox, Sugar Flair Hypericum Berries, Hard Ruscus and Green Bell


caring for your

secret garden

When buying roses, it is good to put them in a temporary jug of water as soon as you get them to help keep them as fresh as possible. Use a clean sharp knife or pair of scissors, and cut the stems about 1 inch at a 45 degree angle. Remember to keep the bouquet away from any direct sunlight and heat such as radiators.

Another care tip is to remove any leaves and thorns that sit below the water level. For more handy tips, please see our Care Tips leaflet that arrives with every bouquet.

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Secret Garden

this bouquet is perfect for...

Saying thank you, gifting for a birthday or a special occasion. Why not pair with a bottle of Champagne to make an extra special gift?