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peony meadow

A spring delight of pink peonies, vintage miss piggy roses with scented yellow freesias and café germinis. One of our most popular bouquets for the Summer season.


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Peony Meadow


Lauren Probert Florist


head florist & product design
appleyard london

"I'm so excited to see my favourite flowers back in season. Peonies are stunning and a real Summertime treat."

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what stems are in the mix?

Pink Peony, Miss Piggy Rose, Yellow Freesia, White Eustoma, White Bouvardia, Café Germini, Greenbell and Hard Ruscus


caring for your

peony meadow

When buying roses, it is good to put them in a temporary jug of water as soon as you get them to help keep them as fresh as possible. Use a clean sharp knife or pair of scissors, and cut the stems about 1 inch at a 45 degree angle. Remember to keep the bouquet away from any direct sunlight and heat such as radiators.

Sometimes peonies can be covered in a sticky sap that can prevent them from opening. We would advise to hold the stem upside down with the head pointing down under a running tap of warm water. This can help wash away the sap. Then add the peonies back to the vase and this should help them to open. For more handy tips, please see your Care Tips leaflet included.

view Peony Meadow
Peony Meadow

this bouquet is perfect for...

Saying thank you, gifting for a birthday or a special occasion. Why not use as a beautiful table centre for a dinner party?