Pomegranate Rose & Peony & Moët Imperial NV Gift Box
Pomegranate Rose & Peony & Moët Imperial NV Gift Box Pomegranate Rose & Peony & Moët Imperial NV Gift Box

Additional Information

Is this bouquet safe for pets? This bouquet contains alstroemeria, which can have adverse effects if consumed in large quantities.
How long should the bouquet last? Our 100% Happiness Guarantee promises that each of our bouquets will last at least a week. If your bouquet doesn't last this long, or you have any other issues, you can learn how to redeem your Happiness Guarantee here.
How should I care for this product? We include care tips with all bouquets which will help your recipient get the most out of their flowers. For more information, read our Flower & Plant Care Essentials, where you can see care tips for specific stems as well as general tips for your bouquet.
Will my flowers look like the picture? We send the peonies and roses in bud, so they will still have a little more opening up to do. This helps to protect the delicate flowers in transit, and just means your table centre will need a day or two in water to fully bloom and look like the picture. If the peonies have not opened after a few days, wash away any sap from the buds. If this doesn’t help, recut the stems and place them in warm water for 24 hours. Keeping them in a warmer room can also help them to open more quickly.
How are the flowers packaged? The flowers will be wrapped in branded cellophane for protection, and packaged in a branded cardboard box.
Will the flowers come in water? Our flowers will arrive in a hydration unit called a porto. This is a sponge that keep them hydrated during their journey. This is because a vase or jug of water would be likely to cause water damage in transit. Be sure to trim the stems when they arrive and place them in water as soon as possible.