Mini Pink Orchid, Prosecco Rosé & 6 Mixed Truffles

Additional Information

How should I care for this plant? Indoor orchids should be kept in an area with bright, indirect light, but away from direct sunlight which can damage the stems. The bark compost should be kept moist and you should only water it when the top inch is dry.

When orchid flowers start dying, gently remove them from the stems. You can encourage your orchid to re-flower by cutting the stems down to the below the brown part of the stems, allowing new shoots to grow and emerge. If orchid roots emerge from the pot, you can repot it when the orchid isn't flowering.
Does this plant come with a pot? This plant arrives in a gift wrapped plastic pot.
Is this plant safe for pets? Orchids are safe for pets.
How is the plant packaged? Our plants are packaged in a cardboard box, with the pot bubble wrapped and secured with a cardboard insert at the base.
How long will this plant live? Orchids can live for several years for proper care. They will bloom for up to 3 months at a time. Please see our care tips for advice on how to help your orchid bloom again.