Letterbox Butterscotch
Letterbox Butterscotch Letterbox Butterscotch Letterbox Butterscotch Letterbox Butterscotch Letterbox Butterscotch

Additional Information

Is this bouquet safe for pets? This bouquet contains calla lilies which can cause irritation in dogs and cats if eaten. Although these effects are generally mild, we recommend that pet owners keep this bouquet out of reach.
How long should the bouquet last? Our 100% Happiness Guarantee promises that each of our bouquets will last at least a week. If your bouquet doesn't last this long, or you have any other issues, you can learn how to redeem your Happiness Guarantee here.
How should I care for this product? We include care tips with all bouquets which will help your recipient get the most out of their flowers. For more information, read our Flower & Plant Care Essentials, where you can see care tips for specific stems as well as general tips for your bouquet.
Will my flowers look like the picture? We send the yellow roses semi-bloomed, and the white alstroemeria in bud. This helps to protect the delicate flowers in transit and means your bouquet will need a day or two in water to fully bloom and look like the picture. As these are letterbox flowers, you will also need to arrange the stems in a vase once they arrive.
How are the flowers packaged? Letterbox flowers arrive in a smaller box (603mm x 182mm x 39mm) designed to fit through most standard letterboxes. Please note that they will not fit in smaller letterboxes such as those found in apartment lobbies. The flowers are carefully flat packed and wrapped in paper to protect them.
Will the flowers come in water? Some stems, including the roses and calla lilies, will have individual hydration pods to keep them healthy during their journey.