Our Top 6 Autumn Picks

With the Autumn season upon us, we have picked out our top 6 Autumn picks for the beautiful Autumn flowers range. See what we have had to say about each of our luxury flower bouquets.


Rose Envy


‘Rose Envy’ is a delicate, sweet scented bouquet that fills the room with natural, vibrant beauty. The warm, rich, Autumn colours allow us to embrace the new season that is now upon us. Rose Envy will not only bless your room with beauty, but also complete it with a refreshing, enchanting rose fragrance. The question is, will you see or smell Rose Evny first?


Pumpkin Chutney


Pumpkin Chutney – named after its distinct orange features which remind us of the Halloween festival which graces us each Autumn. So trick or treat? We pick treat! The Pumpkin Chutney can certainly be seen as an Autumn treat with its sumptuous mango calla lilies, cherry brandy roses and cerise roses. The deluxe oranges emit a warm, seasonal feeling which reminds you of the joys of Autumn.


Plum Jam


A masterpiece? A spectacle? Or just another day in the life of an Appleyard London florist? This unique, distinctive design sees the cherry brandy and grandprix roses deep submerge in rustic, green blooms. All completely handmade, our florists have certainly excelled in producing this floristry artwork which will complete any home this autumn. Picasso of the floral world maybe?


Blueberry Muffin


It is always nice to gift a family member or close friend to something nice every now and again. Maybe it is a quite coffee and a catch up at the local cafe? Well this Autumn, our Blueberry Muffin is slightly different to those found in a Starbucks. Complete with Vermeer calla lilies and peach avalanche roses, the sumptuous “Blueberry Muffin” flower bouquet makes the perfect Autumn gift – lasting a lot longer than an actual muffin too.


Hot Toddy


Autumn is upon as the nights draw in, the bitter cold air takes a hold and the grey, gloomy skies move in. However, closing the curtains is not the answer! We believe the answer to Autumn’s ambience is our ‘Hot Toddy’ bouquet which blissfully warms your home with a vibrant, sumptuous rose essence. A true delight on all the senses as you bring your home interior to life this Autumn.


Cosy Cranberry


The Cosy Cranberry is the most vibrant luxury bouquet on offer this Autumn season. Succulent grandprix red roses and cheery brandy blooms take your primary attention ahead of the mixed, forest green foliage. This piece of floristry art work boasts rich, pulsating colours that are certain to brighten up that special someone’s day this Autumn.


All of our luxury Autumn range can be found on our website on the 15th of September. For more luxury flowers, please visit our website - www.appleyarflowers.com and remember, you can get next day flowers delivered straight to your door if you place your order before  7pm  that day.

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