Did You Know There Is A Different Flower For Every Anniversary ?

Well you certainly do now and if you haven’t been following these Anniversary flower rules previously, now's your time to  start.

See below for a list featuring the perfect flower to give your loved ones for each year you’ve spent together.

1st year is the Pansy… to show thinking of you, you’re in my thoughts and most of all loyalty.

2nd year is the Cosmos…to show joy in love, life, beauty and modesty.

3rd year is the Fuschia…to show humble love, good taste and confiding love.

4th year is the Geranium…to show comfort, beauty, true friendship.

5th year is the Daisy…representing innocence, purity, simplicity and love that conquers all.

6th year is the Calla Lily…showing magnificent beauty and modesty.

7th year is Jack-In-The-Pulpit…representing shelter, safety and protection.

8th year is the Clematis...showing mental beauty, ingenuity and inteligence.

9th year is the Poppy…showing eternal sleep, oblivion, fantastic extravagance, consolation, imagination, pleasure, wealth and success.

10th year is the Daffodil…bringing new beginnings, rebirth, unrequited love, chivalry, regard.

11th year is the Morning Glory…means attachment and affection.

12th year is the Peony…shows bashfulness , a happy life and marriage, good health and devotion.

13th year is the Holly Hock…showing ambition fruitfulness, honesty and sincerity.

14th year is the Dahlia…showing elegance, foreever and dignity.

15th year is the Rose…meaning love, passion, unconscious beauty, I Love You and love at first sight.

20th year is the Day Lily…showing beauty for a day.

25th year is the Iris…showing wisdom, valued friendship, my compliments, I have a message for you.

28th year is the Orchid…showing rare beauty, refinement and a beautiful woman.

30th year is the Sweet Pea…which represents delicate pleasures,, I think of you and thank you for a lovely time.

40th year is the Nasturtium…meaning impetuous love and victory.

50th year is the Violet…showing modesty, faithfulness and that you will always be there.

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