Interior Trends To Look Out For This Autumn

Unfortunately, as much as we don't want to say it, summer is coming to an end [*wipes away tear*].

The nights are drawing in, we are no longer greeted with a stunning blue sky when we open the curtains in the morning and you can no longer spend your Saturday's lazing on the common with nothing but a blanket, a book and a punnet of strawberries.


Just because summer is ending doesn't mean it's the end of the world though does it? Of course it doesn't. I mean, summer is ending, but autumn is beginning....

At Appleyard London, we just LOVE everything about autumn. The colours, the smells, the harvest, the new trends, and of course, the autumn flowers. We have already blogged about our favourite autumn flowers, the best bulbs to plant in autumn and given you some interesting facts on autumn, so now it's time to tackle which interior trends to look out for this season.

When it comes to fabrics, there is only one that is "in" this autumn, and that's tartan. Perfect for country cottages and rustic homes alike, tartan comes in a variety of colours and patterns, but keep your eye out for warm and homely colours, think red, burgundy, saffron, ochre, brown, yellow and dark spring green. We love the fact that tartan is "in" this season, its such a fun and imaginative pattern and would sit perfectly next to any of our autumn bouquets.


Another trend this autumn you need to look out for is patterns and prints. Patterns and prints are always an important part of any seasons trends and autumn 2014 is no different. There have been many mentions by trend spotters that baroque making a comeback this season. Perfect for romantic boudoir's or even a dramatic living room, baroque is a lot more diverse that many think. Baroque patterns offer a plethora of beautiful colours and will bring depth to any room with their interesting shapes and patterns.


Floral prints are also making a comeback this season, although they never really seem to go out of fashion. Autumn 2014 will see a host of more subtle, pastel floral prints, as opposed to the more common bold and brash prints. The lighter shades means that this seasons floral prints are perfect for light airy living rooms and ultra-feminine dining spaces.


Naturally, with any seasons trends, one of the most important aspects are the colours. Autumn 2014 see's the resurgence in popularity of indigo, particularly in patterned varieties. Such a versatile colour, you can use indigo in many ways. It can be used throughout your accessories, as a feature wall in a living room, or even as just an accent in your furniture. In stark comparison to indigo, bright, neon colours such as yellow and acid green are still going strong.


The underlying tone of interior trends this autumn is... be bold! Whether you're buying prints, decorating your home or simply updating your accessories, autumn 2014 is all or nothing when it comes to interior design.

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