7 Floral Colour Combinations To Brighten Your Home

Sumptuous, vibrant colours are one of the main reasons we purchase luxury flowers. They brighten our living room, complete our hallway and complement our kitchen. Whether they are red roses, blue lilies, peach germini or  a combination of all 3, colours complement each other in a bouquet with the foundation’s pre-laid by deep green stems. We have hand picked 7 bouquets that will add colour, essence and luxury to your home.

Here are our 7 floral colour combinations to brighten your home:


Dining with Pumpkin Chutney



The nights are drawing in, Jack Frost is on his way and our pavements are scattered with brown, crisp leaves. Bring a little Autumn feeling into your home with mango calla lilies, cherry brandy and cerise roses and allow these vibrant oranges, Day-Glo pinks and deep forest greens to present you with the centre piece presence you need for your dining room. A dark toned vase upon a chestnut wood or mahogany table really emphasises this bouquet’s bright colours, allowing the bouquet to fully catch the eyes of your guests.


Sweet Blueberry Muffin



Blueberry Muffin. The name lends itself to our stylish, lively bouquet, designed to bring character, colour, and beauty to your kitchen and dining area. Whilst the name normally brands a sweet treat for the lips, our Blueberry Muffin delights your other senses. A luscious blend of vemeer calla lilies and peach avalanche roses with bottle green foliage accumulates to produce natural, colourful beauty in the form of peach and deep water blues. Add this bouquet to a transparent vase to ensure the pea green stems – which lay the foundations for the delicate flower heads – get plenty of attention too.


Violet Rose for here, there and everywhere



The monochromatic violet rose bouquet brings shades of pink to your home with the power to brighten up any room you wish. Whether it is in a nice vase on the windowsill or presented as the dining table piece, these sumptuous roses bring Day-Glo pink vibrancy with a sweet rose essence. From shocking pink to rosy wine shades, this bouquet sits pretty against any background ranging from a jet black surface to a pristine white wall. Pink is in fashion all year round!


Sumptuous Orchids in the window



Our Sumptuous Orchids bouquet displays the perfect colours for your front facing windows, welcoming you home with a luxurious mix of emerald green and burgundy cymbidium orchids with ruby red grandprix roses. Each colour tells its own story. The ruby red roses show heartfelt love and warmth whilst the Day-Glo greens remind us of natural, forest values. The bouquet brings bright, imaginative floristry into your home, completing your bay windowsill for all to see.


Wishes in the Hallway



The hallway is often the first room that welcomes yourself and guests into your home and what better way to be greeted than by a sumptuous blend of Miss Piggy roses, peach germini and peach avalanche roses? This bouquet spills deep, delicate oranges and alabaster whites. However, the Wishes bouquet from our ‘Blooms’ range is more than just visual beauty. A perfumed essence of peach roses fills the room and reaches out to you as you enter. A truly fitting bouquet for welcoming friends and family into your home.


Vintage setting, Vintage Lace



Close your eyes (not now but after you have finished reading this) and imagine a room that boasts a traditionally historic fire place with faint lighting, vintage arm chairs, antique oak flooring and a classic, showpiece table. The stage is set. All that is missing is a luxury bouquet, filled with delicate colours, a sweet essence and vintage composition. Subtle, lilac memory lane roses, delicately poised antique carnations and snow white alstoemeria combine to complete this Vintage Lace bouquet. The perfect centrepiece for gathering round to the share stories and anecdotes amongst loved ones. A truly fitting bouquet for a traditional, vintage room.


Raspberry Orchids for your home



Last but by no means least; the Raspberry Orchid bouquet from our stunning ‘Orchids’ range. These vibrant blooms boast elegance, style and class as they grace your home with indulging, scented colours. Deep raspberry cymbidium orchids, sweet avalanche roses and livid blooms combine with lush, emerald greens to bring together this luxury bouquet. Perfect for your hallway, dining room and living room as this bouquet poises the question, which room will you bless with its presence?


All of our luxury flowers are available at www.appleyardflowers.com for next day flowers delivery, when ordered before 7 PM! We hope you have enjoyed this blog post on our 7 floral colour combinations to brighten your home.

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