6 Bouquets Your Grandparents Will Love!


Our parents loved their grandparents and their parents loved their grandparents and of course, we love our grandparents! Sunday the 5th of October celebrates our Grandparents and all they do for us whether it is a parent or child reading this. They are there for us when we are in need, they give us great advice as they have been there, done that and got the t-shirt and no matter how hard you try, you cannot get the secret family recipe quite like their's. Sometimes, we do not get chance to show our deep, heartfelt appreciation to our grandmothers and grandfathers but this year, you can!


Here are 6 of our most loving, heartfelt bouquets that will show your sincere gratitude to your Grandparents. Treat them to a luxury bouquet from our Grandparents Day Flowers range and spoil them rotten.




Treat your Grandparents to a ‘Delightful’ bouquet this Grandparents Day and thank them for everything they do for you. With heavenly scented white oriental lilies, deep blue agapanthus and sweet avalanche roses, this elegant bouquet spills beauty and makes the perfect gift for your cherished Grandparents.


Bright Smile



A Grandparents' heart is filled with warm joy upon seeing their grandchild’s bright smile. This Grandparents Day, you can gift your grandparents a different Bright Smile with this luxury bouquet made up of cerise germini, deep blue agapanthus, deep red and yellow roses. A truly vibrant bouquet from their favourite little person.


Cookie Jar



“Hands out of the Cookie Jar” shouts the Grandmother… However, after presenting your Grandparents with this sumptuous bouquet, they will probably give you the packet. This luxury bouquet boasts a delightful mixture of deep purple eustoma, deepwater fresh and peach spray roses, all complimented by scented alstroemeria. Treat your Grandparents this Grandparents Day!


Happy Memories



Grandparents are the family members that are allowed to spoil their Grandchildren rotten with toys, sweets and pocket money. However, this Grandparents Day, spoil your Grandparents with this luxury flower bouquet of pure heaven. Create more 'Happy Memories' with your Grandparents and celebrate the special bond of grandchild and Grandparent.





Our Children’s Grandparents are our parents and they are always there for our little ones when we can’t get that day off work or they suddenly fall ill before school. We say we are so grateful but now, with the help of Appleyard, we can show it! This 'Thankful' bouquet shows your appreciation in a truly heartfelt manner. White germini, eustoma and deep blue agapanthus sit beautifully with sweet avalanche roses. Say thank you this Grandparents Day and show you appreciation in the best way imaginable.


Bakewell Tart



The 'Bakewell Tart' bouquet from our Grandparents Day Flowers range has its foundations laid by deep green forestry with kimsey germini, Gucci carnations and peach avalanche roses taking centre stage. This luxury bouquet fills the room with natural beauty and a perfumed essence, gifting your Grandparents with the most heartfelt gift this Grandparents day.

Now you just need to decide which bouquet your Grandparents would love the most?!

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