3 Simple Tips To Keep Your Orchids Alive.


At Appleyard London, we are always looking for new and innovative methods to give to our following in order to prolong the life of your luxury flowers. In this blog post, we will be looking at the luxurious flowers, orchids!

Orchids are such a beautiful flower and populate many gardens due to our affinity for and desire to showcase them. There are over 25000 species of orchids currently on record, with scientists predicting many more in tropical areas. Before we get started on our tips to prolong a beautiful, delicate orchid’s lifespan, here are a few facts:


* An orchid has bilateral symmetry (like a humans face). If you draw a vertical line down the middle of an orchid, the two halves will reflect each other.

* Orchids could have existed for over 10 million years. Research on a fossilised bee encased in ember displayed an orchid’s pollen on the bee’s back. The bee was then dated back over 10 million years ago.

* Orchids were once used to form glue. An Aztec would dry the roots of orchids before grinding them into a powder. Adding water to the mixture resulted in a strong, adhesive gum which could be applied to violins and various artwork.

Now we could talk orchids all day long but this is not preserving your delightful orchids!
Here are our 3 tips to extend the life of your orchids:

  • * If you have ever observed orchids in the wild, they grow attached and adjacent other plants. They thrive in nice, loose bark as opposed to potting soil so please, please, please do not try to force them to grow in these conditions. Try to create a natural, wild environment.
  • * When the sun is beaming down at around noon, it is actually burning your orchids’ leaves, causing them to wilt. We therefore recommend shading them from direct sunlight at this searing time. To add to this, the best temperature for your orchid blooms is 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with sufficient water. However, do not give them too much as the water can sit in the plant pot causing the roots to rot and die. Ok, there were about 3 facts here but who is complaining?
  • * Increase the light – now you may be thinking “how obvious” but there is a clever, innovative method to do so. Place a mirror behind your orchids or better yet, place your orchids in your hallway where there is a mirror. This will reflect more light onto your orchids allowing them to flourish.




Flowers create smiles, a warm home and a lovely atmosphere and we do not want these positives cut short. We hope our '3 Simple tips to keep your Orchids alive' feature will help you in prolonging the life of your beautiful orchids!


And for those who do not have any orchids and want to try out these methods, here are a couple of our luxury flower bouquets that boast beautiful, delicate orchids, available to you for next day flowers delivery:


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Delight your senses with this beautiful bouquet of raspberry cymbidium orchids, sweet avalanche roses and resomme dark blooms with fresh green hypericum berries


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An orchid to finish...



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