Festive Fireside Hatbox
Festive Fireside Hatbox Festive Fireside Hatbox Festive Fireside Hatbox

Additional Information

Is this bouquet safe for pets? Hard ruscus and pine can have adverse effects on some animals if consumed in large quantities. Please keep this hatbox out of the reach of pets
How long should the bouquet last? Our hatboxes are covered by our freshness guarantee, which promises they will stay fresh for at least a week. The orchids and foliage in this hatbox will typically last longer than a week with proper care. As the flowers die off, you can also add new fresh flowers to the foam. After the arrangement has completely faded, you can reuse the hatbox and the container, but not the floral foam. If your hatbox doesn't last a week, or you have any other issues, you can learn how to redeem your Happiness Guarantee here.
How should I care for this product? Our hatboxes are made in floral foam with a plastic container inside and are very easy to look after. Place the hatbox away from any heat sources, as these can cause the flowers to dry out. Top up the water in the foam once a week. You can also mist the hatbox occasionally if the air is dry.
Will my flowers look like the picture? We send the roses and orchids semi-bloomed to protect the flowers in transit. This means your bouquet will need a day or two in water to open up and look like the picture.
How are the flowers packaged? The hatbox will arrive secured in a cardboard box.
Will the flowers come in water? This arrangement arrives in hydrated floral foam.