Little Christmas Tree with 14 Christmas Red baubles & Box of 9 Chocolates

Additional Information

Is this bouquet safe for pets? Spruce needles can cause some oral irritation and an upset tummy if eaten in large amounts. Please keep mini trees out of the reach of pets.
How long should the bouquet last? Our Little trees can last a long time with proper care, and can even be planted in your garden after Christmas.
How should I care for this product? Keep your tree away from radiators and fireplaces, too much heat will cause the tree to dry out. Water enough to keep the soil slightly moist, but not waterlogged - once every 2-3 days should do the trick.
Will my flowers look like the picture? The baubles and lights are packaged separately in the box to keep them secure, so you will just need to decorate the tree.
How are the flowers packaged? The tree will arrive in a cardboard box, with the baubles and lights packaged separately in the same box.
Will the flowers come in water? This tree does not arrive with water. Check the soil on arrival, and water if the top couple of inches are dry.