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Refreshing: Summer Cocktails & Flowers!

Refreshing: Summer Cocktails & Flowers!

Picture this.. you’re on holiday and you’re sitting by the pool, the sun is beating down on you; what could possibly be more refreshing than an ice cold cocktail? To celebrate the arrival of summer, we’ve created beautiful bouquets inspired by iconic summer cocktails.


Summer Bouquets Inspired By Summer Cocktails

We have taken our latest inspiration from three of the most classic summer cocktails you can find abroad or in every fancy cocktail bar. We have carefully chosen the flowers that we feel represent these classics and want to introduce you to our Bellini, Mojito and Margarita bouquets!


Bellini2 summer cocktails



bellini1 summer cocktails


A classic Italian cocktail, pictured above is an orginal bellini. A Bellini cocktail is a mixture of Prosecco sparkling wine and peach purée or nectar. It originates from Venice, Italy. You can find different flavours of this cocktail, strawberry, blueberry, mango or whichever fruit you want to try! This was the inspiration for our Bellini bouquet, an exquisite summer cocktail indeed.


Bellini summer cocktails


A beautiful summer gift of peach avalanche roses, fragrant yellow freesias with soft pink, sweet avalanche roses and white agapanthus – a true summer delight.



MOJITO2 summer cocktails



mojito summer cocktails

A mojito is as refreshing as it gets! It is the summer cocktail that inspired our Mojito bouquet. Mojito is a traditional Cuban highball. Usually, a mojito is a cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint.


mojito summer cocktails

A summer sensation of vibrant sunflowers, white scented stocks with avalanche roses and daisy-like germini. The perfect summer gift.


MARGARITA2 summer cocktails



Margarita3 summer cocktails


The margarita is a cocktail consisting of tequila, triple sec and lime or lemon juice, often served with salt on the rim of the glass. The drink is served shaken with ice, blended with ice, or without ice. Originating from Mexico, the margarita was invented or ‘mixed together’ for the first time by a man who was allergic to every alcoholic spirit, except tequila of course! A perfect inspiration for our zesty Margarita bouquet.


Margarita summer cocktails


Brighten up someone’s summer with a beautiful bouquet of soft pink, sweet avalanche roses. Orange Marie Claire roses with scented freesias and white veronica.

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